Roundup That Matters

Just a few tidbits from around the web that I found interesting.

U.S. Not the Worst for Racism — According to a story on the Daily Mail, the United States is fairly accepting to people of different ethnicities, contrary to what the race-baiters in our society would have us believe. In fact, the race baiters may want to move to India. It is the worst country in the world when it comes to racism. Al Sharpton could make a killing there. Here is the map showing the worst, in red, the best in grey.



Just a few notes about racism. It is racists to divide humanity into races. So the moment someone speaks about different races is the moment you can spot a racist. We are all part of the human race, and there is only one race in the world. I like what Pastor Voddie Baucham says when asks if he believes in interracial marriages: “No! There is only one race.” Listen to the sermon for more.

MSNBC Analysts Says Detroit Government Failed Because It’s Not Big Enough — From the department of “you can’t make this up!” comes this comment from Melissa Harris Perry who says that the reason Detroit is failing is because government was too small. Unbelievable.

She says this because she, like all Libs and Dems, believes that government is always the answer to every problem. If a government fails, it’s because it’s too small, and not big enough. They cannot see a world where things work well without government.

Short roundup I know. But that’s all I have for now.

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