Texas Bound!

Lord willing, this time tomorrow I will be loading up the U-Haul truck with all my worldly goods and possessions in order to head back to Texas. Given that, this is my last post for a while unless I can figure out that app on my iPhone and use it to post while in the hotel tomorrow night.

The over all point is that the number of posts that I make for the next few weeks will probably diminish. Here a few photos of my destination. This little cottage is where I will be living for the next few months.

texas-flag bluecreek 001

The view coming up the driveway.

The view coming up the driveway.



bluecreek 005 bluecreek 004 bluecreek 003 bluecreek 002


6 thoughts on “Texas Bound!

  1. Wow! looks like a nice quiet life for awhile I feel jealousy coming on!
    Me thinks I’ve seen the “big house” somewhere before!


  2. Beautiful area!
    Good luck with your move!
    My name is Timothy James Hammons and you used my email for the uhaul reservation.
    I was a bit shocked at first, because my wife and I are planning a move to Texas in the near future and I was looking at reservations. “Oh no! Did I mistakenly book one!?”
    Odd coincidences.
    Please be more careful in the future.

    TJ Hammons


      • I understand. I coordinated my move last night and was told to expect a confirm shortly. I’m not sure if you received it yet… Hehe

        I would love to forward that confirm to you, but I do not know what your email address is, other than it is close to mine.
        Shoot me an email (as admin of this website, you should be able to view emails of the commenter).
        I’d be happy to help, I just need the correct information.


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