Spring River Golf Course Finally Gets a River!

For the first time in my 18 months of Golfing at the Spring River Golf Course, the river actually had water in it, and two of my golf balls! I’ve hit golf balls in the river before, but given that there is no water there 99.9 percent of the time, it’s not a problem. After an inch of rain, it has water! Golfers beware, the water hazard is now… for the next few days, a true water hazard.



One thought on “Spring River Golf Course Finally Gets a River!

  1. BTW, for those who are interested, we are looking just to the right of the fairway on number 16. Across the water is the fairway of number 12, coming the other way. Just to the right is the pond that you have to cross on 12 and 13, because it is always there. But the water you are looking at is rarely there and I’m surprised I didn’t discover it while on 12. In fact, my drive of the tee box on 12 went to the left of the fairway, which is not normal for me. My second shot went over the water, just beyond the green and an I had to come back to get on the green. Again, another oddity for me. Even though I was on the green in three, of the par four, I still managed a double bogey.

    That’s golf.


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