This is NOT Preaching the Gospel Either!

OK class, watch the video and see if we can identity the mistakes this pastor makes.

Anything wrong with this sermon?

You might check out the following sermon as an example of what the pastor is supposed to be doing. This sermons is by Voddie Baucham at Grace Family Baptist Church out of Houston. He is preaching on the table of nations out of Genesis 10 and shows that there is only ONE human race, not multiple races as we are lead to believe because of humanistic evolution. I was really surprised at the discovery that racism is at the heart of evolution, with whites being the supreme ending of evolution and blacks on a lower scale. Baucham shows the falseness of this thinking.

Here is the link.


5 thoughts on “This is NOT Preaching the Gospel Either!

  1. thanks Timothy for posting Voddie’s sermon! he makes a compelling case for anti-racism from his interpretation of Gen.10 .
    I, too, never noticed the famous evolution chart like it is!
    Were it so across the board, as he says but, alas, the institutional, as well as
    personal, sin is too embedded for resolve until Christ returns



  2. Timothy,

    The evolutions wanted to create a perfect race. Margaret Sanger in the 1020’s started Planned Parenthood to get rid of the blacks and other races she did not like. This is all put of that thought that we can become an utopia society if the people these people do not want are eliminated. Hitler was trying to bring on the super race of Ayrans. Sick mindset.



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