Golf That Matters — 46 on the Front Nine!

2013-03-13 18.30.34

I went to play 18 holes this morning on my last day off, before I move into permanent-days-off status, starting next Monday. I wanted to play just to get out of the house and to play!

What I didn’t expect was my best 9-holes of golf in a while. I started out with a par on the hole number one, a 526-yard par 5. I typically double bogey the hole (a 7 instead of a 5), but not today. When my fourth shot landed a few feet from the hole, I knew it would be a good HALF round of golf! I drained the putt and the celebration began.

I followed up with a double-bogey on number 2, which was a beautiful thing as well, given that it is the hardest hole on the course. Then I hit for par on number three and didn’t have worse than a double bogey on the rest of the front 9. In other words: NO TRIPLE BOGEYS! For me, that is a good nine holes of golf.

My front-nine score as a 46! That is less than my goal of 50! So I am quite pleased with the outcome.

However, for the back nine, I went back to my old ways. I ended up with “grace filled” 63, and completely broke down on holes 15, 16 and 17.

I was talking to my dad about it and told him that I couldn’t do anything on those holes, wondering what the problem was. He said, “That’s easy Son, you’re not a professional athlete.” Then it became all so clear as to why my game fell apart. Clarity was given, a new revelation had been made and I realized that my father was right. I’m not a professional athlete. Whew! Glad that is settled.

I still plan on taking more lessons when I get the chance to do so. Maybe I there is enough athlete in me to one day, break 100. I just fear that the number of days which that remain a possibility are dwindling.

By the way, my final score was still a respectable 109, which is two strokes worse than my best game ever.