Top Five Things I WILL Miss About New Mexico


For those who follow my blog closely, you know that I will be moving back to Texas in a few weeks, leaving Roswell, NM, for what I like to jokingly call the promise land. Yes, Texas is promising in so many ways, but I don’t hope to go there when I did, as Tanya Tucker proclaimed back before her multiple face lifts.

So in thinking about my departure, I thought I would share with you the top five things I will miss about the great state of New Mexico, not necessarily in order of importance.

  1. Number one on the list is green chilis. Putting green chilis is so prominent in this state and their cuisine that even the national food chains have to adapt to this local tradition. You might find this odd, but once you acquire a taste for green chilis, it is quite addictive. Just a few of the foods that are vastly improved with green chilis are hamburgers, pizzas, eggs., all things New Mexican, etc. The only thing I have tried green chilis on that did not improve the dish was adding them to baked potatoes. For some reason the combination didn’t work. But on everything else… it is wonderful.
  2. The weather — yes, I know. This area gets its share of brown outs, where there is so much dust in the air, the sun is browned out in fine apocalyptic manner. And the temperature climbs to triple digits. But given the dryness of the climate, that leads to cooler nights and relief from the intense heat. Even when we are not in the summer months, the weather is nicer than in most places because of the dryness. Yes, your skin has to adjust. I felt like Rango after he was dumped into the desert and lost two layers of skin when I first arrived. But, after a few days of losing skin, the weather made up for it. It is amazing how little humidity makes a difference in all seasons. (Just a side note, Roswell does have a monsoon season. But it’s more of a joke than a reality.)
  3. The mountains. I love being able to see the mountains on most days. It makes my walks and golf much more scenic. This also includes the number of neat places to travel to while in New Mexico.
  4. The golf — yes, our municipal golf course is one of the finest golf clubs I have ever been accepted at, as a member. Yes, it is the only one as well. That is what makes it so wonderful. Not only is it affordable, it is challenging for my level of play.
  5. My church — the best congregation I’ve had in a while. I’m saddened by the fact that they cannot continue to pay me and I hope that they are able to bring in a tent-maker so the church will continue.

There you have it. Five reasons to visit Roswell, NM. And no, there is nothing about aliens in the least. The aliens would fall under the category of: Top Five Things I Don’t Like about New Mexico.


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      • Believe it or not, I was stationed in West Germany with a guy from Brenham, Texas by the name of Chuck (Charles) Schroeder. If you know him, tell him that the Service Battery Orderly Room Clerk Jim Lunden says hello! And have a bowl of Blue Bell Ice Cream upon your arrival.


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