World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies!

ChocolateChip Cookies

Yes, the title has a bit of hyperbole in it. I’m not sure the cookies I ended up making on Friday night are the world’s best, or even my best. They are just the first batch I’ve made for my boys and I’m just grateful they turned out delicious.

What I learned is that the chocolate chip cookie recipe on the back of the Nestle Toll House chocolate chip bag is quite forgiving. I was trying to doctor it as prescribed by some: adding a bit more flour, and using more brown sugar than granulated sugar. But I came across a problem. While stirring the cookie dough, it was clumping and not getting smooth like I know the batter to be. So I … panicked and added another stick of butter and another egg. That helped with the consistency issue, and I could detect no great change in taste.

The boys loved the end product. So thank you for all the suggestions. I think the clumping problem came from old brown sugar. It was not gooey like new brown sugar. Note to self: use fresh ingredients.


4 thoughts on “World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies!

  1. Love that you are moving to Brenham !! Be sure and eat lots of Blue Bell. If you decide to interview there, let me know. I have a connection! Happy Fathers Day to you !


  2. Praise the LORD that the boys are with you for Father’s Day and that your Dad is still alive. GOD has some special man time for you with your Dad. Glad the cookies were a hit.


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