Do You Have the World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe???

All ladies who read my blog, all people who read my blog, all those who like chocolate chip cookies, all who know how to make chocolate chip cookies from a recipe– can you please post your recipe in the comments section?

I’m trying to be discreet in my request to find the best chocolate chip cookie recipe. I know a woman who perfected the recipe, but she will not give it to me and I’m hoping to make chocolate chip cookies for my boys tomorrow night.

Will you please share with this Dad who is trying to be a great Dad with his boys? Will you impart your chocolate chip cookie knowledge to me?

If your recipe is chosen, I will be glad to declare it the best according the strict chocolate chip cookie standards of Timothy Matters! Those who know me, know I have high standards when it comes to the chocolate chip cookie.

Of those who know me, know that chocolate is considered one of the major food groups. Of my top chocolate dishes, chocolate chip cookies are at the top. So please, I need to find a recipe before tomorrow night so we can have pizza, chocolate chip cookie, movie night!!!


8 thoughts on “Do You Have the World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe???

  1. I think the old Toll House pkg. recipe is as good as any.
    But I can eat a whole bag of scrumptious little Famous Amos w/pecans.
    (Choc. chip cookies w/o lightly-toasted pecans are a scandal.)


  2. I use the toll house recipe with a change or two. Use good butter, softened, and stir by hand – no mixer. Also change the sugar to 1 C. Brown & 1/2 C. Granulated- makes them softer. Use ONLY Nestlé chocolate chips. Bake on parchment paper & don’t over cook! Have fun with ur boys.


    • Ditto, Marie: unsalted butter, half-brown/half gran. sugar, stir by hand. And learning just when to take them out of the oven so they’re just way you like them (we like them crispy around the edges,still a bit soft in the middle).


  3. P.S. Cream the butter & sugars well before adding the eggs. And let the butter soften to room temp on its own; DO NOT MELT IT; COOKIES WILL BE GREASY.
    (If I’m in a hurry and the butter is frozen or very hard, I have on occasion put it in the microwave on Defrost (1/3 power) for only ~10-15 seconds; just till you can press a finger in it and it feels soft.)


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