The Falls


By the way, I did ask my hosts if anyone went swimming in the ponds, even though they are so shallow and was told that you cannot. If you do, you risk breaking the seal of the pond itself. Apparently the bottom of these ponds is very fragile and if it is broken, the water just seeps into the ground, thereby robbing the neighborhood of having a running stream. Running water, and water in general, is really what is most important in this area. I was told the land is actually rather cheap, but getting water is another problem all together. The area has actually seen mini-feuds over water rights.

This is a good reminder of just how precious water is. Most of us never give it a thought since we can go to the tap and fill up a glass any time we want. But not all parts of the country have that option and those in the mountains of New Mexico are some of those that have to be careful with the water they have.


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