Roundup That Matters


I snagged this shot from Facebook and is something I have been saying for years. The government, especially the IRS have not business telling pastors what they can and cannot preach. That is between the pastor and God. But what these politically correct idiots want us to think is that we cannot speak about things political or we will lose our 501 c3 status. Fine. Give it up! Because this nation was founded on pastors who not only preached the gospel, but the wickedness of the state as well. Remember that our nation was not founded upon the erroneous claim of “taxation without representation.” That was part of it. But you don’t get pastors, who know that taxes are a part of God’s plan for government, calling for rebellion against a king over taxation. They rebelled because King George decreed that the entire nation was to become a part of the Church of England. This was an attempt to control the colonies. That is what led pastors to join hands in the revolution with the taxation crowd.

Kyle-Ann Shiver’s Take on the Foolishness of Sexual Liberation for Women — (Hattip: Neil). This is a must read for all women because it shows that sexual liberation for women is completely self-destructive and inconsistent with a woman’s desire to settle down into a monogamous relationship. On the one hand, the liberated woman wants the freedom to have sex with whomever she desires. On the other hand, she will eventually want to settle down with one of her partners, never realizing that he has already shown his true colors by having multiple partners and she will end up reaping far more than she planned for.

Shiver writes:

Scientifically, it has been known for more than a full century that human beings, who intimately share infected bodily secretions, spread disease among themselves and all others with whom they later come into intimate contact, and even to their innocent offspring.  Lifelong disease is not something for which sane human beings strive.  Yet it is the absolutely predictable — scientifically! — result of this “sexual liberation” social construct.  “Sexual liberation” has produced whole generations of smart people, who wouldn’t share a glass of water with a stranger for fear of contracting a communicable disease, but will willingly copulate with the same stranger in scientifically deluded fashion.

The rest of the article is worth the read.

If You Are an American Indian and You Don’t Decry the Name Washington Redskins Then You Are an Uncle Tom — At least according to Mike Freeman of In other words, he wants you to get your collective panties furled up and make a big stink because he thinks you should. This is classic race baiting and Freeman should be called on it.

In other words, Freeman, who is black, thinks that the name Redskins is racist, therefore all American Indians who don’t decry the name Redskins and agree with Freeman, are Uncle Toms, which is actually racists. Sad.

I like what Michael Miller points out at Independent Journal Review when Freeman tries to make the case that if the Redskins changed their name to the N-word.

Freeman goes on to say that if the Redskins were called the “N-Words,” then “hypocritical African-American Washington fans” may take offense. Really, Mike? Then can you please share with us why hypocritical hip-hop fans have no problem with the lyrics of Lil Wayne or 50 Cent?

Don’t Try and Outrun a Tornado —  this piece about the number of people in their cars trying to outrun tornadoes on Friday. The best thing to do it get in a building, not in your car. A car is nothing for a tornado to toss about.

Most likely, the vehicle deaths were preventable. Their occurrence should squash the idea that trying to flee a tornado in a car is a good idea. And storm chasers – who pursued the tornadic storms much too closely – set a poor example and need to re-examine their priorities.

I remember being told about the tornado in Wichita Falls in 1979. A majority of the people killed in that tornado were trying flee it in their cars. Find shelter. Don’t get in the car.

Is the Church a Movement? — My friend Heath has a good piece on the church as a movement. It is not a movement. Those churches that start as movements either fail, or grow into something more permanent. But movements come and go, the church is eternal.