Roundup That Matters

This roundup is because there are some articles I want to read, but don’t have time to do so for today. So you may actually read them before I do.

The Fearful Pastor — I’m more and more impressed with Paul Tripp. He has a lot to say to those of us in the ministry and to say to you as well so that you understand your pastors. I recently purchased Tripp’s book Dangerous Calling, which is about those called to be pastors. But I’m not so excited about reading it right now.

A Case for Infant Baptism — my friend Heath Cross has been studying the subject for years and put together a summary of his findings on the subject and how he came to accept the position.

Romans 7 and the Normal Christian Life — Kim Riddlebarger has been putting out excellent work for years on the Christian life. I suspect this one will be worth reading as well.

Is It Ever Acceptable to Express Anger with God — Another one that I need to read. If life doesn’t turn out like we hope, there can be a lot of anger and bitterness in our hearts if we don’t have a steadfast understanding of God’s purpose in our lives and His sovereignty.

OK, will read more later.


One thought on “Roundup That Matters

  1. We should also give some consideration to just how deeply PEDs are now ingrained in American life and culture. I know a guy (I’m sure you know someone just like him) who constantly berates me for being a Yankees fan. He’s always griping about A-Rod’s ridiculous contract (BTW–I agree with him), and how the Yankees “buy pennants” (something which, if true, isn’t working very well of late).


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