“Gay Marriage” Shows Us Why Theology Matters

StraightPrideOver the weekend I came across an article by Dr. Peter Jones who pointed out that the recent shift by supposed “conservative” pastors on the issue of homosexual marriage, is due to the fact that they are theologically illiterate. Jones was commenting on the recent article by Dave Thompson of BlueHead Publishing who rips Genesis 2:18 to shreds when he admits that man should not be alone and concludes that gay people should be able to be with other gay people.

This is what Thompson writes:

My interpretation of Genesis shows me that God’s very first moral rule is that “man should not be alone.” (Gen 2:18) In my opinion, when we force gay people to be alone, we are in fact encouraging a life of sin for gay people who may not be gifted with celibacy. God himself created us to need relationship.

It truly grieves my heart that Thompson is convinced that “his interpretation” is the right one even though Genesis 2:18 goes on to show that God created a… woman to meet the needs of man, not another man. The same God that created all mankind later goes on to declare that men lying with other men is an abomination in His sight. Yet, Thompson, in his opinion, fails to see and understand this. This is why Dr. Jones continues by stating:

What did we expect from theologically-illiterate “conservative faith pastors” for whom “experience” is the overriding criterion and who seem to have no clue about the Bible’s fundamental worldview that defines existence, what we at TruthXchange call Twoism? Indeed the homosexual issue exposes the incredible long-standing weakness at this level of the Evangelical movement, so that vast numbers of “born again” people will finally join the pagan movement without even knowing it is happening. Watch what will happen. Many Evangelicals, with “faith pastors” and ”faith churches” will become 21st century liberals, preaching a watered down “faith” that goes easy on sin and eliminates the Fall.

This is so odd to me. How can a pastor be theologically illiterate? I’m not saying that it is not true. I fully admit that there are thousands of pastors who step into pulpits each week, Dave Thompson being one of them, that could be schooled by the anyone who has studied and memorized even the first 25 questions of the Shorter Catechism. It is odd to me because this would be the same as a person who is sick going to a physician that is biologically illiterate. You wouldn’t put your trust in a physician who didn’t know the basics of the human body. Therefore why do so many put their trust in men who don’t know the basics of theology?

Yet this is what has happened in the debate on gay marriage. Far too many are putting forth their opinions like Thompson above instead of biblical truth. If we were not so theologically illiterate, we would understand these things. The fact that the argument has made its way into the church shows we need theology. I’ve said for years that theology is important. I’ve said for years that we are all theologians even on superficial levels. And I’ve also said for years it is a matter being either good theologians, basing our views on God’s word, or bad theologians, basing our views on our opinions as Thompson does in his call for the church to embrace homosexual couples.

Biblical theology would help us in this debate in three ways. First, we would understand that gay marriage, and homosexuality, distort the Imago Dei, the image of God. From early on in human history, God has told mankind that we are different than the rest of creation because we are made in His image. His image is man, both male and female, together. It is not male and male together. Homosexuals are warping God’s image that He has placed on us. This is why it is such an abomination to Him. It has nothing to do with our warped sense of love, but on who God is and what He has done for us. Gays and lesbians are basically confirming their belief that God is wrong in who He made us to be. They are rejecting the fundamental truth of who we are and shaking their fists at God for making us this way.

Secondly, biblical theology would help us understand that homosexuality is idolatry before God. Homosexuality is the penultimate in self worship. Romans 1:18ff show this to be true. The very reason that our culture has been given over to homosexuality is found in this passage. Paul shows us that when we, even those in the church, suppress the truths of Scripture, that God pours out His wrath upon mankind. This wrath leads to the worship of creation, and ultimately the worship of self in homosexuality. For the church to embrace this sin is nothing but an invitation for our God to pour His wrath upon us. Embracing this sin is theological suicide and men like Thompson above need to be rebuked and run out of the church for their embracement of such wickedness.

(I know this is a side note, but I wonder if after a few years of embracing homosexuals, if Thompson himself is going to come out of the closet and make a brave announcement of his own depravity. He is giving himself over to such by not renouncing sin for what it is and not pursuing holiness as we should do.)

Third, biblical theology would help us understand that by embracing homosexuality we would be embracing man’s attack on the family which is God’s ordained structure for society. Those on the left know this, although they reject God’s hand in ordaining marriage, they know full well that it is an attack on the foundational structures God has put in place for society. The family is God’s idea, not man’s idea. Those on the Left are in opposition to all of God’s ordained institutions because they are in rebellion against God Himself (see Psalm 2).

To invite homosexuals to embrace themselves so that they are no longer lonely is agreeing with those on the left that God was wrong in ordaining the family as one man and one woman together in marriage. It is agreeing with those whom God is pouring out His wrath. It is agreeing with those who have cast off any notions of holiness, purity and piety in the church. It is, as I have said, theological suicide.

We don’t need theology based upon our opinions. As one theologian in history pointed out, the human heart is an idolatry factory. What we need is Biblically informed theology so that we can stand against the tide of humanism and theological kamikazes like Dave Thompson of BlueHead Publishing. If your pastors shy away from Biblically informed theology, perhaps you should shy away from them.


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  1. Timothy, I am surprised that you would make a reference to Leviticus about gays being an abomination. I suppose that you are also not eating pork, lobster and not wearing clothes made of two different types. Leviticus has a lot a silly things that you do not preach so why pick out of context two scriptures about man lying with man. Well, I am still waiting for you to rant and rave over lobsters and pig meat (which Leviticus condemns) the way you rant over gay marriage.


    • Earl,
      Please, your arguments are tired and worn out. You reading from the liberal playbook. Stop and think. Might there be some NT reason why lobsters are OK, yet… homosexuality is still sinful and wicked in His sight?


      Every time homosexuality is mentioned in the Bible, it is always bad. Leviticus shows us what God thinks of such. There are no NT examples of homosexuality being made acceptable by God. He changed the eating requirements at His good pleasure, but homosexuality is still an abomination.


      • Leviticus is full of what is an abomination and it is not just limited to foods. So your arguments depending on Leviticus fall away. You don’t preach or teach Leviticus in full. You pick and choose.


      • Homophobic remarks? That is again, straight from the Liberal playbook, meant to silence all dissent. AS one friend told me once, and I echo, I’m not homophobic, I’m theophobic. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of understanding.


    • Do the people know what the bible also considers a sin? Divorce. There are countless passages that talk about how divorce is wrong,and that there are consequences to getting a divorce,such as the wife should be stoned. Funny how religious people pick and choose what bible passages to follow,while ignoring the rest.


  2. 17 You have wearied the Lord with your words.
    “How have we wearied him?” you ask.
    By saying, “All who do evil are good in the eyes of the Lord, and he is pleased with them….”
    -Malachi 2

    “The modern world is full of the old Christian virtues gone mad. The virtues have gone mad because they have been isolated from each other and are wandering alone…. Thus some humanitarians only care for pity; and their pity (I am sorry to say) is often untruthful. For example, Mr. Blatchford attacks Christianity because he is mad on one Christian virtue: the merely mystical and almost irrational virtue of charity. He has a strange idea that he will make it easier to forgive sins by saying that there are no sins to forgive. Mr. Blatchford is not only an early Christian, he is the only early Christian who ought really to have been eaten by lions. ”
    -Chesterton, Orthodoxy


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  4. Pastor T.,
    See what kind of mess one gets into when one can’t explain to the Earls & Daves of the world that the Bible is a history of sequential “dispensations”: i.e., “…periods marked off in Scripture by some change in God’s method of dealing with mankind – or a portion of mankind – in respect of the two questions of sin and of man’s responsibility. Each of the Dispensations may be regarded as a new test of the natural man, and each ends in judgment – marking his utter failure.” ? 🙂

    Earl & Dave: maybe if you’d stop reading the OT like W.C. Fields (“Lookin’ for loopholes, lookin’ for loopholes….”) and start reading it as the historical narrative it is – the chronicle of Satan’s desperate, all-out, ~4000-year-long battle to prevent the coming of the “Seed” promised in Gen.3, the dawn might start breaking for you..


  5. Phoebehb,
    You said “start reading it (Old Testament) as the historical narrative it is – the chronicle of Satan’s desperate, all-out, ~4000-year-long battle”. You really have a sad hermeneutic of the Old Testament.


  6. Sad? Didn’t you read the sequel? God wins.

    If by “sad” you mean “bad”, I apologize and beg you to share with us hermeneutically-challenged your own one-sentence abstract of the OT?


  7. Earl,

    It is not homosexuals who are an abomination. It is homosexual behavior. And you also conflate that which is an abomination to God (homosexual behavior, for one) with that which was to be regarded as an abomination by the Hebrews (eating certain animals, for instance). This isn’t hard to determine by a simple reading of Scripture. But the argument is made as if there are none amongst those who oppose homosexual marriage and/or behavior who have read Scripture. Obviously, this is not the case.


    • According to the Leviticus Jews, at the time, man lying with man was no different than eating pork, shellfish or any other unclean thing. But Leviticus has a lot of rules that God gave them. A thorough reading of Leviticus is needed before calling a person an abomination. And then when you are done, Peter says this in the New Testament, “But God has shown me that I should not call anyone profane or unclean.”(Acts 10.28b.


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