Roundup That Matters

Just a Tad Off Base — Rod, Gratia Veritas Lumen was reviewing the book The Naked Christian by Craig Borlase and quote him here:

Christianity is about relationship not ritual’ (pp.137 & 166)…‘If we run away at the first sign of bad feelings, if we have failed to equip ourselves with a knowledge of God and if we only value the big spiritual event, then we run the risk of missing out on some absolutely vital parts of our relationship with God’ (pp.163-165).

From Rod’s writings I understand the Borlase’s point is that there is a problem with the church and he is trying to find a solution to that problem. I had to point out that the above quote by Borlase is close, but not quite there. I think one of the problems we face in the church, and is affecting how we see the church is by the definition above: we are saved by a personal relationship with Christ.

Yet the relationship is a by-product of why we are saved. We are saved by the atoning work of Christ for His glory and for the glory of the Father. It’s a slight shift, but one that has deep ramifications because once we start focusing on being saved by “relationship” instead of His atoning sacrifice, then our faith becomes man-centered instead of God centered. This is at the core of the problems of our modern church. We forget that God does everything He does for His own glory. Those of us who are saved are precious in His sight, and even ordained for salvation before the foundations of the world, showing His rich love for us. But He loves us for His own glory, and because of this love, we get to participate and rejoice at what He has done for us through Christ. Rod did point out that Borlase does come to this point eventually in the book, showing that it is really hard to do a review of what someone says in just one or two blog posts.

This Is Water — A good video showing God’s common grace in this graduation speech. It is not the full speech, but excerpts from the speech. His main point is that even in the mundane repetitiveness of life, there is meaning. Reformed Christians have been saying this for centuries. Given that all tasks before us are given to us by God, they are worthy of doing well. It’s good to see that David Foster Wallace was able to see this even though he never gets around to speaking The Truth known as Christ. But it’s still worth watching.

Hippie Van For Sale — I saw this on Facebook. A man in Houston is selling a hippie van. What makes this note worthy is what He writes in order to sell it. He writes:

Attention hippies , weirdos , circus freaks , Scooby Doo fans , people from Colorado and those recently released for good behavior. I am selling this 1967 Chevy cargo van so that you can do whatever freaky stuff the voices in your head tell you to do and your therapist says you shouldn’t. This van was once painted like a Scooby Doo Mystery Machine van, and now it sits in the driveway waiting for someone to fill it with peace and love and that sort of crap.

I don’t have a title, so you don’t have to worry about the “man” bringing you down or keeping tabs on you via his paperwork, and since these pictures were taken, I have removed the pollution generating 283 engine, transmission, radiator, and axles creating an open space for you to hide your weed. I’m keeping the mechanical parts for a greenhouse gas generator project. I don’t dig on vans so if you do, this one can be your righteous and mother beautiful ride.

On a positive note, the body has a bit of rust for you types that like that sort of natural returning to Earth , I don’t bathe or comb my hair look. $600. Call Jason —- texting is to impersonal and negative for me.

Keep in mind that this thing is huge on the inside and you can hide a LOT of your weed, bodies if that’s your thing, smuggle Mexicans inconspicuously, or make a white trash palatial guest house out at some filthy Renaissance Festival for your wench that your lady doesn’t need to know about.

I don’t care what you do with it as long as its not in my driveway. The last picture is what this van looked like before the “man” at the corporation rained downed us for having this van painted like their copyrighted image and forced us into removing the paint.

Here are a few pictures of the van. I’m sure some hippie somewhere will by it.

van 002 van 001


12 thoughts on “Roundup That Matters

  1. In West, Texas, the small town that nearly demolished by a fertilizer plant, regulations were low. Profits were high. And the end result was dead people, a flatten town as the plant exploded.


    1. Yes, that was sad. When regulations are not heeded, bad things happen. However I don’t believe that is reason for more regulations. Just follow the ones we already have.

      On another note, if Perry were a Democrat, and I was a liberal, I could say: “death is a part of life, get over it.” Wasn’t that said somewhere by someone on the left this week?


      1. phoebehb

        Oh the faith of some people in new gubment laws, rules & regulations. .

        >’At least seven different state and federal agencies can regulate Texas fertilizer plants like the one in West: OSHA, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, the Texas Department of State Health Services, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the Texas Feed and Fertilizer Control Service.

        Some of the agencies don’t appear to have shared information before the blast.
        OSHA conducted the last full safety inspection of the plant in 1985. “Since then,” the Huffington Post reported, “regulators from other agencies have been inside the plant, but they looked only at certain aspects of plant operations, such as whether the facility was abiding by labeling rules when packaging its fertilizer for sale.” ‘<

        This cartoon says it all.


      2. phoebehb

        Not that I know of. This is interesting.

        >’According to one 2002 crime report, a plant manager told police that intruders were stealing four to five gallons of anhydrous ammonia every three days. The liquid gas can be used to cook methamphetamine, the addictive and illicit stimulant.
        Following a series of break-ins in late 2008 and early 2009, including one where a trespasser visited pornographic websites on a secretary’s computer, police told plant manager Ted Uptmore – who has worked at the company for decades — to install a surveillance system. Later documents show the company complied. Uptmore did not respond to phone calls seeking comment for this story.

        The last record of tampering was in October 2012, when a 911 caller reported an odor “so strong it can burn your eyes.” The firm dispatched Cody Dragoo, an employee often sent after hours to shut leaking valves and look into break-ins. That night, he shut off the valve but reported it had been tampered with.

        Two weeks ago, Dragoo, 50, was among those killed in the blast while responding to the fire.”<


    1. Me too! I heard early on that it was all set up so O could swoop in for the release of hostages, but that the two Navy Seals blew it for O and the terrorist because they were fighting back. I know, conspiracy stuff, but it would be fun if it was provable.


    1. Not true. My brother in law was ready to go when the first calls went out. They had several units from different areas all ready to go in and help, but were told from on high to stand down.


  2. phoebehb

    “Ironic”, Earl?? Allow me to show you “ironic”:

    >’The State Department just had no money in its 50 billion dollar budget to pay for Benghazi security. None at all.

    It had $79,000 to spend on Obama’s books,
    $16 million for 2,500 kindle book readers at the drastically inflated price of $6,600 per device.
    $20,000 on a portrait of Obama,
    $150,000 to spend on a book about the ambassador’s residence,
    $150,000+ for a Chevy Volt and its charging station,
    $7.9 Billion for Obama’s Global Health Initiative,
    $1 Billion for global climate change,
    $2.2 Billion to strengthen democratic institutions in Pakistan,
    $4.5 million for Art in Embassies,

    And of course… Mosque renovations.
    In 2011 the State Department provided funds to restore the 15th century Gobarau Minaret in Katsina State in Nigeria’s predominantly Muslim north, an area which has become a virtual killing field for Christians at the hands of Muslim militants, led by the al-Qaeda-linked terror group, Boko Haram.

    The State Department also has a Chief Diversity Officer, whose job it is to warn that “holding the fort” is a racist phrase…..'<


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