Roundup That Matters


Gary Varvel nails the gun law debate with the above illustration. The Liberal Left’s answer to everything is “more laws.” In doing so, they refuse to accept the reality that more laws will make no difference at all when it comes to crime in the world. It just means that the criminals will break more laws, but nothing will be done to curb violence because, as we backwards types who are Christians understand, the law is powerless to change the human heart. The only thing that works with criminals is brute force. Thereby the best thing for our society is a well-armed citizenry so that we can protect ourselves and the innocent in society. Our founding fathers understood that principal and is one of the many reasons they gave us the Second Amendment.

Nine Notions Paving the Way to Hell — Dan Delzell has an excellent piece on the notions that people have about heaven and hell. What do all the nine notions have in common? They are paving the road to hell.

Here are just a few of them:

  • “I can earn my way to heaven.”
  • “If I don’t think about the afterlife, it won’t ever reach me.”
  • “A loving God would never send people to hell.” Of course, this last one is one of my favorites because it shows the one who makes this statement that they have created God into their own image. God is loving, never condemning, etc. Which isn’t truly loving at all. If God’s Son died on the cross for sin, and He is loving, then He is also cruel since He made His Son die on the cross for nothing.

Just Wait Til Next Season Hacked! — One of my favorite websites about Texas Aggies Football and other sports has been hacked. I’m still waiting to see what happens and if Miketag or Beergut will be able to regain access to their site.

With a name like Beergut, you know he loves football. Both men have provided much needed insight into the game and were instrumental in helping me understand how much t.u. has despised A&M over the Aggies departure from the t.u. controlled Big 12. Since then the analogy of a lover scorned has rule the day. As I wrote Travis over at his sight:

I am so thankful the AD at A&M saw the handwriting on the wall and left the Big 12. We are so much better off and we don’t have to contend with texas. texas is like the pretty woman everyone knows is pretty, but is so hard to live with, no self-respecting man wants anything to do with her. She only attracts the ne’er do wells that are willing to put up with her just to be in the presence of pretty.

My Golf Game — just on a side note. I took lessons several weeks ago from the golf pro at the club and it radicalized my game. Last week, I went out for 9 holes and ended up shooting 51. My goal has always been to shoot less than 100 on 18 holes, or less than my age on either the front 9 or back 9. Thankfully, my age continually progressed as my game got ever-so-slightly better… and I reached one of my goals after turning 52.

The Moments That Make the Memories — I write about the weekend with my boys on my family page. The trouble on the home front is one of the reasons I am not writing as much here on my regular blog. I don’t feel like arguing, making a case for or against anything, or having to think through anything in great detail.

All that has happened has merely increased my love for our Savior, and the hope we have in Him for the better future. The reality is that I’m tired of the world we live in and I’m truly grateful that this world isn’t “it!” Those of us in Christ have such a wonderful future that far surpasses anything we face or are blessed with in this life. Allow me to quote Paul from the book of Romans: For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. Amen and amen!

The sufferings of this life are temporary. The blessings of eternity will make our present sufferings but a distant memory. It is in the midst of our sufferings that Christ is exalted and all others things of this world are seen for what they are: “rubbish” as Paul says. Given that dear readers, cling to Christ.


3 thoughts on “Roundup That Matters

  1. I was wondering if you can clarify what you mean by this…”If God’s Son died on the cross for sin, and He is loving, then He is also cruel since He made His Son die on the cross for nothing.”


    1. I probably should have expanded. If we don’t need the gospel of Christ for heaven, and God required Christ to die, which He did, then He is cruel because we didn’t need Him in the first place. Let me try it this way: no one gets to heaven apart from the atoning work of Christ. God provided Christ out of His love. What those who are saying that a loving God would not send people to hell, is that they are determining what a loving God is, and it’s based on their assumption that we deserve heaven instead of hell. What we all deserve is hell. But what God gives us instead is Christ’s and His death on the cross. When we trust in Him for our salvation, our sins are imputed to Him and dealt with, and His righteousness is imputed to us, thereby gaining us entrance into heaven and into the Father’s presence. That is the love of God. Those who reject Christ, have rejecting the loving offer of the gospel and are barred from heaven.

      Does that help?


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