Jesus Was and Is a Bible Thumper

Here recently in the gay union debate, those who have held to God’s word in this debate have been labelled Bible Thumpers by those… actually on the right. It was started on Bill O’Reilly’s show with one of his guest and even Rush Limbaugh picked up on it. It shows again why I can’t stand Bill O’Reilly. He is conservative on about three percent on all things that are important to conservative Christians, and then he is moderate on everything else, yet so many treat him as if he is holding the flag for us. He is not. He is not one of us. He never was.

So he and other have taken to calling those of us who oppose gay unions based on Scripture as Bible Thumpers. Wouldn’t that include Jesus since HE referred to the Old Testament so much, and so much of what He said became Scripture?

Of course that is lost on Bill O’Reilly who is in the habit of saying we should just read the words of Jesus, which shows he has never read the words of Jesus.

And what is wrong with quoting the Bible? Isn’t it God’s word, sharper than a two-edged sword? Why remove the one weapon Christ has given to us in the debate? I know that O’Reilly and his minions on the left do not belief it. But that shouldn’t lead to us not using it.


2 thoughts on “Jesus Was and Is a Bible Thumper

  1. Amen. Obnoxious poseur who apparently flips a coin before every show to decide if he should tonight be a conservative, libertarian, liberal, Christian, pagan……….He treats Christian conservative guests like imbeciles–cuts them off, talks over them, ridicules them; fawns all over the lefties. Why anyone pays him the slightest attention I have never fathomed.


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