THAT Brewery!

THATBrewery 002On long drives, the temptation is always to go eat at some place you know, which usually means McDonald’s or a Whataburger if you can find one. The last place I wanted to eat, driving through the central part of Arizona was a McDonald’s. Fortunately, the central part of Arizona is free from likes of McDonald’s, at least on the road between Winslow and Payson.

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I’m Standin’ on a Corner In Winslow, Arizona!

Winslow 001If you grew up in the 1970s like I did, you can finish the above verse as the song automatically pops into your head. I have to say that it has been bouncing around inside my head since I told my brother, Gene who lives in Scottsdale, that I was coming over last week on I-40. He immediately let me know I would be passing through Winslow, and he didn’t have to tell me why that was important, the song jumped immediately into my head.

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Masters’ Controversy and Tiger Woods

For those of you who do not know, there is controversy surrounding the Masters and Tiger Woods. Apparently the official assessed a two-stroke penalty for a bad drop Tiger took on hole number 15. That was the hole where he hit the ball well onto the green, it hit the flag, and rolled back into the water. He then took a drop, but did so two yards behind where it should have been. This was deemed to give him an advantage.

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For Phoebe & Joseph: RCC Cult or Not?

For Phoebe and Joseph.

Phoebe has made the claim that the RCC is a cult. Joseph responded that it was not. Phoebe’s response is below. So that both don’t take over the comments section of the Top 10 Hymns, I’m posting Phoebe’s comments here, so they can respond on this post.

I welcome both of their input to the topic. However, I don’t wish to engage right now. This is not my battle.

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Top 10, no Top 5 Favorite Hymns

I was a bit surprised when I started looking through the archives to see that I have never posted on my top 10 favorite hymns of all time. I have posted on praise bands and the world’s dumbest hymn, but never those which are my favorite. This list is composed of my favorite hymns. I’m not saying that these hymns should be your favorite hymns, but you might agree that there are some good ones. I don’t include praise songs since there are only a few of them that I like and I believe they should stand the test of time before we move them into the “favorite hymn” list. A good hymn should be at least older than I am.

Also, I don’t include Christmas hymns. That is a list unto it’s self, coming to a blog site near you, around Christmas time.

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Jesus Was and Is a Bible Thumper

Here recently in the gay union debate, those who have held to God’s word in this debate have been labelled Bible Thumpers by those… actually on the right. It was started on Bill O’Reilly’s show with one of his guest and even Rush Limbaugh picked up on it. It shows again why I can’t stand Bill O’Reilly. He is conservative on about three percent on all things that are important to conservative Christians, and then he is moderate on everything else, yet so many treat him as if he is holding the flag for us. He is not. He is not one of us. He never was.

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