NCAA Bracket Picks

I haven’t played the brackets for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament for years. I was surprised ESPN still had my account, but they did. I’m not an expert when it comes to bracketology, or picking teams in the NCAA tournament. I did win a bracket pool years ago when I was in seminary. For some reason, I picked Gonzaga the first year they did well, and that gave me enough points to win the entire pool. But that was just providential luck.

My final four this year includes Louisville and Florida, Ohio State and Miami, with Miami winning it all over Louisville 84-76. I’m only doing this bracket just to make the tournament interesting. Since Texas A&M didn’t make the big dance, it has no real appeal for me this year.

Who did you pick to win it all, if you did?


4 thoughts on “NCAA Bracket Picks

  1. That’s an easy one. I was raised in Spokane and still live in Eastern Washington. If that wasn’t enough, my Father graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Gonzaga in 1950.
    GO ZAGS!


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