The Piano Guys

Doing the LORD of the Rings… Again, this is one of my new favorite groups… Very inspiring. Check out their Youtube page here and subscribe.


2 thoughts on “The Piano Guys

    • Oh my. Thank you for this.. I shared it on my Facebook page with this comment:

      When I sat in the theatre watching The Fellowship of the Ring and heard the opening seven notes of the Shire Theme–instantly recognizable to a century of churched children as the first seven notes of the first hymn most of them ever learned, “This Is My Father’s World”, I cried. I think the lovely Christian JRR Tolkien would have cried too. Surely Howard Shore, who wrote the LOTR score, is a Christian too, to have used this sweetest of hymns to connote all in this world that’s beautiful, peaceful, and life-affirming; therefore under perpetual assault by all that’s evil.


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