Steak & Baked Potato!

2013-03-11 19.35.30

Last night, I had to go to the grill. I didn’t want to go make another sandwich. I was ready to step out into the back yard, passing the tricycle, the Tonka truck, the plants that needed watering. I needed to venture out there, and reclaim it as mine. It’s been a while since I fired up the grill and last night I couldn’t put it off any longer.

I had already been encouraged by Elliott and my brother, Stokely. Elliott encouraged me to bake the potato and not nuke it. He told me to rub oil into the skin, then wrap it in the aluminum foil. I added crushed sea salt as well.

Stokely, not only criticized my previous steaks from our youth, but told me to punch holes in the meat using a fork and marinate it. Being one willing to learn and have a teachable spirit, I took my younger brother’s advice and did just that.

The end result? A meal fit for a … well… a hungry guy looking to fill up another evening with activity and purpose. That was my purpose last night. Grill the steak, bake the potato, eat the salad, drink the wine. You can see the yummy plate full of food above. If I were an artist, I would name the photo: Steak & Potato on Wood. But I’m not an artist. So I call it: dinner.


6 thoughts on “Steak & Baked Potato!

  1. phoebehb

    Enroll in a beginners cooking class. Cooking is one of the most engrossing–therefore restful for restless & troubled minds–activities there is. And certainly one of the most practical. Three of my four daughters married men who love to cook, and they are the three happiest of my SILs. And the money you’ll save will astound you. (I hope you’re lucky enough to have a Trader Joe’s around. Such good groceries-including wonderful frozen prepared foods while you’re learning to cook and when time is short–at excellent prices.)


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