No Man Knows His Hour

I don’t know why I always allow myself to be amazed at the fact that death doesn’t discriminate. I guess it is because when it comes to certain individual like Hugo Chavez or Michael Jackson, I figure that they are so rotten that God’s grace will extend to them while they are into their 90s. In other words, we would have to put up with them for what seems like eons. Yet, death came quickly for Hugo Chavez, just as it did for Michael Jackson when he died a couple of years ago. Death comes for those when God appoints the time, and while it may not seem like it is soon enough for some of us, it is in HIS timing. AS the word of God says: it is appointed for men to die once, but after this judgment.

While the cartoons depict a humorous eternity for Hugo Chavez, it is nothing but tragic if he were not “in Christ.” Given the fruit he produced over the years, that of a ruthless dictator, I don’t think there is much hope. I’m more than willing to be wrong. I hope that I am and that Chavez had a deathbed conversion.

But if he did not ever taste the spiritual grace from the father, his eternal destiny is more like the rich man found in Luke 16, where he finds himself in torment.





One thought on “No Man Knows His Hour

  1. Great is the mystery of godliness–and ungodliness. I read about people like Chavez, Ahmadinejad, Stalin, Hitler, George Soros, some home-grown Destroyers who shall be unnamed, and wonder how such murderous hatred of everything good in the world enters human hearts.


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