Rand Paul After His 13-Hour Filibuster

In the conclusion to his 13-hours filibuster, Senator Rand Paul said:

“I sit at Henry Clay’s desk, and they call Henry Clay the ‘Great Compromiser.’ When I came to Washington, one of my fellow Senators said to me: Oh, I guess you will be the great compromiser. I kind of smiled at him and laughed. I learned a little bit about Henry Clay and his career.

“People think some of us won’t compromise, but there are many compromises. There are many things on which I am willing to split the difference. If the Democrats will ever come to us and say: We will fix and we will save Social Security, what age we change it to, how fast we do it–there are a lot of things on which we can split the difference. But the issue we have had today is one on which we don’t split the difference. I think you don’t get half of the fifth amendment. I don’t think you acknowledge that the President can obey the fifth amendment when he chooses. I don’t think you acknowledge that the fifth amendment, due process, can somehow occur behind closed doors.”

It is nice to know we have some Senators who are paying attention to the Constitution.


2 thoughts on “Rand Paul After His 13-Hour Filibuster

  1. I wish we had a few dozen more like him. Rush L. had him on the phone today and asked him when he decided to filibuster. He replied, “We’ve been talking for a week about how important the issue is, that it’s a constitutional issue and has more to do with the Constitution than it does to do with individuals. But we didn’t decide on doing it, really, ’til I walked in that morning. I was walking into the Capitol and unfortunately didn’t have very good shoes on for it, either. My shoes were hurting me the whole time.”


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