NRA Was Started to Protect Blacks

I love this video because it shows that the NRA was started to protect blacks from the KKK. Remember, the Democratic Party has always been the party set on destroying blacks and holding them down. The Democratic Party is the party of slavery, segregation, abortion, and socialism. This video is just a bit more evidence to that truth.


5 thoughts on “NRA Was Started to Protect Blacks

  1. Only vaguely related but sort of, I just read an article that said that prior to the Emancipation Proclamation, there were free blacks who owned slaves. In fact, 28% of the free blacks in New Orleans were slave owners. In Virginia, some of them owned white slaves (indentured servants).

    So, to tie it all together. Now, let’s see … what was that phrase? Oh, yeah, “Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” We’re not learning!


    • What percentage of these 28% free blacks purchased their family members who were slaves? Therefore becoming slave owners. In fact, isn’t that 28% misleading?


  2. Glad you liked the video, that’s me there on the end and I can tell you, that there was not enough time for all the points to be made in that press conference. Stan you may be correct on that and think about this, blacks also have a herd mentality so to speak, a tendency to not want to do things outside of acceptance by our peers, so even the act of voting and basing it on color or because that’s the party blacks are suppose to vote with and for can bind many into a modern day slavery by the government and political affiliation actions.


    • Awesome. Someone famous came by my blog! Thanks.

      I’m always hoping to show the inconsistencies of the Democrat Party and this video helped. I know there are plenty of inconsistencies of the Republicans as well, and that is why I’m a conservative. Voting for the party of death is suicidal.


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