Roundup That Matters

Just a few things going on that I’m able to comment on, and not able to pass up…

What Makes You Think the “Democratic Party” Has Changed? — Great piece by a woman that identifies herself as FDF NY (Ayesha Kreutz?) on how what I’m calling the party of death, the Democratic Party, hasn’t changed much since its inception and identification with the KKK. She writes:

I look around see these inner cities that are devastated by broken families, abortion, poor education (which borders criminal), high incarceration rates, illiteracy, drug infestation and general black genocide; and I see the power structure is mostly all democrats, in city after city and for 15 and 40 years and I have to ask you people what in the world makes you think the “Democrat Party”, which …was the party of the KKK, Segregation and now socialism has changed. I mean I hear you all say it and I hear a lot of these folks say a bunch of sweet and “well intentioned” things but when I look around and see the pain, devastation and brokeness, it seems like they are feeding you a line of bull… just the same old planned genocide and eugenics, they wanted all along only more cloaked, today, in fancy elitism and patronizing niceties. So again I ask, what in the world makes you think these people have changed from their past?

The very thing that is hailed in movies like Django Unchained was actually promulgated by the Democratic Party, the same party that is still wiping out millions of black children every year through the non-right of abortion.

out-of-wedlock births

But minorities continue to flock to the Democratic Party. I guess that party appeals to the murderer in all of us.

Can Christians Date? — I love this thoughtful exposition from ChaseGodTV on the dating scene, which is truly worldly and unChristlike. As someone quoted on Facebook quoted last week: “Dating is like going to the supermarket without an money. You will either end up extremely disappointed, or taking something that doesn’t belong to you.” The following video helps lay the ground work for how Christians should pursue marriage. The author admits it doesn’t cover everything, but gives a good place to start.

Hope you enjoyed that. You might go to Joe’s web page and watch a few more. He really is insightful and asks a lot of the right questions that very few pastors are even willing to ask. (Hattip: Michelle).

Social Media Heart Check — Finally, Tim Challies has  good piece on the use of social media like Facebook. He shows us how to check what we have done on Facebook and then simply asks the questions: “would you want your husband or wife to see where you have been? What about your pastor?” This is a good gut check. How are we using Facebook? Here is what Challies writes:

Look at the comments you’ve left and the status updates you’ve made. How do they stand up in the light of Ephesians 4:15 which tells us to “speak truth in love.” How do they stand up in light of James chapter 3 which warns us about the power of our words and the recklessness with which we use them? Or Colossians 4:6 which says, “Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt.”

Look at the names of the people you have searched for. This may be the scariest part of all! Why did you search for those people? Would you want those people to know that you were searching for them? Were you looking for helpful information or making a useful connection? Is it possible that you were looking for alluring photos or gossip? Would you want your husband or wife to know that you searched for these people?

Look at the number of updates you’ve made and consider the amount of time you’ve used Facebook. What does that tell you about how you use your time. Ephesians 5: “Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil.”

Parents may do well to spend time with their children going through this list and talking to them about their use of Facebook.

Social media gives us some very helpful opportunities and abilities, but it is also a powerful reflector of what is going on in the heart. Don’t run away from the opportunity to probe a little bit!


4 thoughts on “Roundup That Matters

  1. When I was in college a date was taking a girl to a basketball game, symphony concert etc, as part of getting better acquainted. Perhaps it would develope into going steady, engagement, then marriage before sex was involved.


  2. Julie

    Regarding the video, my understanding of what the young man was saying was that “intentions” must be stated from the beginning by Christian singles. Too many Christians will date for a year or more before even discussing marriage when the intention of marriage should have been stated early on.


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