Levi’s Jeans $60???

I was trying to find some Wranglers tonight and thought that Kohl’s Department stores would have some. Guess what? They don’t. They do however sell Levi’s 550, 501, 523, 518, 496, 321, 1492 and Pinta Maria jeans for the low price of $60s a pair and up! $60 a pair for jeans? Are they really that much better than Wranglers? After all, back when I was still buying Levi’s, when I was single and had more expendable income, I found the Levi’s wore out just as quickly as every other pair of jeans I’ve ever owned. So why does anyone pay that much for a pair of jeans?

They are too proud for me… I left empty handed and figured I would wait till I could find some Wranglers somewhere.

PS Just a note to my regular readers, I got to eat lunch with Danny Wright today of the Bumbling Genius. It was a joy getting to know him and always a joy to meet fellow bloggers in the cause. Dan told me he has also met Neal Simpson of Eternity Matters, which makes me want to get together with him as well.


5 thoughts on “Levi’s Jeans $60???

  1. Danny was in Roswell??? And I can’t seem to catch him for a cup of coffee when we live in the same town. But when I do, he’s a real joy.


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