WE Are NOT the Gospel

Jody, a member of my church, mentioned to me today a conversation he had with a woman about sharing the gospel. Like many Christians, she was under the impression that she needed to live the gospel, be the gospel, and love as the gospel before she could actually get around to sharing the gospel.

She, like many others, has been duped because this is a lie straight from the devil himself that actually prevents the gospel from being shared. If we could live the gospel and be the gospel and love as the gospel, then we wouldn’t need Christ now would we?

We are not the gospel. I’ve touched upon this before, here, but apparently it needs to be said again. Jesus Christ is the gospel. We are not. He is the One who saves, the One who is perfect, the One who died on the cross for us and He really doesn’t need our help. All we need to do is share these truths with others. In view of this, Jody went to work and came up with the following graphic:


To Jody: Well done! I hope this gets lots of “shares” on Facebook. Hopefully our fellow brothers and sisters in the LORD will no longer buy into the lie that we somehow become the gospel. Jesus Christ is the gospel, not His followers.


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