Idolatry of the First Amendment

OK brothers and sisters in the LORD, Jerry Johnson had done it now. He’s gone too far! He went so far as to say that the First and Second Commandments keep us from paying homage to the First and Second Amendments. In other words, the First and Second Amendment, are in the end, idolatrous.

How dare Jerry do such a thing! Doesn’t he know that the Bill of Rights were carved out of the rock at Mount Vernon? Doesn’t he know that the Constitution is the inspired word of God for America? We are, after all, God’s chosen people for the 21st Century? Doesn’t he know that?

Well of course, I’m being very sarcastic because there are those in American Christendom, who honestly believe that the United States of America is the second coming of national Israel, which typically contradicts their eschatological views that Israel is the second coming of Israel, but we won’t bring that up here. The point Mr. Johnson is making is that while many of our founding fathers were believers, this country is by no means in covenant with God to the point that we are a holy nation set apart for His glory. The United States, while blessed for many years, is just another one of the many nations in a long list of many nations that God will deal with as He has dealt with all the nations.

The reason this is important to note is that as a Christian, our first concern should always be the Kingdom of Heaven/God, not the earthly nation in which we find ourselves. This is one of those reasons I don’t like national flags in sanctuaries. Where the people of God worship on a regular basis should be devoid of national connections. But I digress.

Here is the video:

Read some of what he said below and some of his reasoning. I believe Mr. Johnson is right on mark. This doesn’t mean we just give up in the political realm, we are to be salt and light in every realm of life, but please note, our country is not in covenant with the Triune God and has never been so. Here is part of the transcript of what you just heard:

I really do not care how you spin it, the so-called founding Fathers of this country allowed for the open worship of false gods. But the God of the Bible was clear, in both the Old and New Testaments that He did not and would not tolerate the promulgation of such idolatry and paganism – either by individuals or the masses.  Those who follow after false gods will be judged and that judgment would last forever.

If you are a Christian and the first and second commandments are not clear enough for you, consider the divinely inspired words of the prophet Isaiah found in chapter sixty verse twelve, “For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted.”

Notice that this is not directed toward national Israel only, but all the nations without exception.

John Gill, the great Baptist preacher observed the same thing when he noted in his commentary, “[The country] That will not serve the Lord Christ, and worship him with his church and people; that will not be obedient to the laws and ordinances of his house; but appoint another head over them [be it the U.S. Constitution] and make other laws, and set up other ordinances, rejecting the authority of Christ, the rule of his word, and the order of his churches: yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted; even all the antichristian states…the vials of God’s wrath will be poured out upon them.”

Christian, allow me to say this again!  And please hear me on this.  God’s is NOT an American.  He does NOT get all chocked up when He hears the National Anthem.  Tears do not stream from His eyes when a performer belts out God Bless America.

For you see, all these things are meaningless, a rotten stench before His throne, when they are made to false gods and not the true God who is the same yesterday, today and forever.

In the last campaign during the conventions Democrats wanted to take out any and all references to God.  Some thought this was a travesty.  I simply thought the Democrats were being more honest and forthright – they do not intend to hide the fact that they are anti-Christ.

Republicans, on the other hand, are wolves in sheep’s clothing.  They use the word God, but as the Late Dr. Francis Schaeffer noted, it is a word without content – devoid of its Biblical meaning. In short, Republicans are taking the name of the Lord God in vain and God will not hold the one guiltless who takes His name in vain.


8 thoughts on “Idolatry of the First Amendment

      • Well, a very small amount of googling his name brings up numerous cases of him charging other Christian groups (not least of all the Catholic Church, but also Arminians) with terms like “heresy” and “cult.” That video you posted a few weeks ago supposing the Catholic Church was a “cult” was rather blunt. Despite claims that his group accepts people of “different denominational backgrounds,” he seems to like making rather single-minded statements such as “Calvinism is the Gospel. (It is rather amusing that he claims the name Nicene Council when he would certainly reject most of what Nicene Christians believed.)


      • Hi Joseph,
        As for the Catholic church being a cult, the Jerry Johnson did not say that. He said it was apostate, which Protestants have held since the Reformation. But we need not go there.

        No forgiveness needed on your part. Maybe we can make a discussion later on these things. I’m really out of it when it comes to talking about these things right now. So don’t worry too much about it. I think you have been gracious with me enough, so you and your view are welcome here. You may need to remind me at times because I will not agree with you. And I do believe the RCC is apostate, so feel free to disagree with me and my Calvinism.


      • Admittedly, I didn’t watch the video about the Catholic Church being a “cult.” I have a pretty low tolerance for haughty criticism, and he looked pretty haughty to me. 😛 Forgive me for jumping to conclusions about his conclusions — I shouldn’t judge a book (or video) by its title, though it was a pretty provocative title.

        I think Calvinism is interesting; I like reading about it and thinking about it and discussing it. I think there are some topics on which Calvin had some profound insight. What bothers me more than anything is the condemnations many Calvinists make against Catholics, usually out of misinformation and misunderstanding. We are (generally — I know there are some Catholics who aren’t) extending an olive branch to folks, seeking to talk through and work through our differences — and many Reformed people, like Sproul and company, won’t even talk to us. I haven’t read his book yet — I tried to read James White’s, and couldn’t make it through it — but most of White’s criticism is built on misunderstanding, much of it apparently willful. It doesn’t make any sense to continue a 500-year-old war when we essentially agree on almost everything, if we get down and truly try to understand what the other is saying. We are facing a secular culture hostile to the faith in this day and age. We should stop fighting each other and work together.

        As for “apostasy”: please think about what “apostasy” means and in what regards you think the Catholic Church is “apostate.” “Apostasy,” per the dictionary, is the willful and intentional “abandonment of one’s religious faith, a political party, one’s principles, or a cause.” In what way have Catholics “abandoned” Christ or the Gospel? We still believe in the same Christ; we still read and adhere to the same Bible; we still have faith in the same Gospel and salvation by God’s gratuitous grace alone. If we have differences of doctrine, they do not amount to an “abandonment” of the faith, but merely that — differences of doctrine. On the “fundamentals” — the person of Jesus Christ; the Holy Trinity; Christ’s death on the Cross and Resurrection for the forgiveness of our sins; our salvation unto eternal life; the infallibility of Scripture; our justification by grace, through faith — we agree. If you must accuse us of anything, it’s “heresy” — “an opinion or a doctrine at variance with established religious beliefs” — a “choosing” (by the origin of the word) of something other than orthodoxy. But then you should consider that it was Protestants who “chose” something else other than what the Church had believed for 1,500 years.

        Anyway. That’s my speech for today. 🙂 Thanks for your graciousness, and peace be with you.


      • Hi Joseph,
        Yes, I think culturally Protestants and Catholics can work together. But as for missions, no, I don’t think we have enough agreement to do that.

        We would have to have a long discussion about the gospel to define it. I don’t have the wherewithal at this point.


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