Super Bowl Electrifying!

Yes, since there was a power outage, you can expect all kinds of headlines with the energy theme involved. Deanna Watson Miller, the editor of the Times Record News, the paper I worked for in the 1990s, pointed it out on Facebook, and I had to jump over to check out what the TRN had on their web page:

Lights out: Ravens beat 49ers 34-31 in Super Bowl

Yup, the editors didn’t bother to change it.

Foxnews didn’t bite on the cliche:

Ravens Defeat 49ers in Super Bowl

ESPN did:

Surge Protectors

NBC News:


It’s hard to ignore that aspect of the game since it did play a role in the game. Had there been now power outage, I imagine the Ravens would have run away with it. But it gave the 49ers a chance to regroup, and surge in the third half of the game (which is what it seemed like after the power outage). Fortunately, the Ravens found the energy they needs to hold off the 49ers for the victory. Yes, the game electrifying until the end.

I do believe NOLA needs to open an investigation as to how this could happen. For a moment, I was in shock as I feared the worst: a terrorist attack. But it was more like a rat chewing an electrical line in two, that caused the outage.


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  1. Yes, small deal, here, but I felt the need to point out that the 49ers did NOT “surge in the third half of the game”. The game (anything at all, in fact) can’t have more than two halves. 🙂


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