THE Amazing Spider-Man

I watched The Amazing Spider-Man tonight on DVD. There were two over-arching thoughts the entire time I watched. The first thought: Spider Man would never survive in a town like Roswell, NM. We only have two buildings over five stories and he wouldn’t be able to get around to save anyone.

He would have to use a bicycle or a skateboard or even a mule. But his webs would be completely useless until he arrived on the scene of the crime, only to find that the crime had already been committed and the criminals had dashed off in a 1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo with original rims and added ground lighting. Not only that, he would have to learn Spanish. In all these cases, he would have to change his name to the Amazing Mule Man, or something like that. He wouldn’t be all that impressive.

The other thought that plagued me was: Tobey Maguire was much better. I know this latest installment was supposed to be closer to the Marvel comic book version, but I really don’t remember reading that version as a child. Maguire’s version had better writers involved and the plot was a bit more complex. Plus, Kirsten Dunst made a lot better leading lady than Emma Stone.

Given that, I think the 2002 movie is much better than the 2012 movie. I can’t wait to see the remake they will make in 2022. But if you have not seen the latest installment, don’t waste your time. It’s not as good at the Maguire trilogy.


3 thoughts on “THE Amazing Spider-Man

  1. Nice review. This movie definitely had plenty of fun and exciting moments and characters that we could feel something for. For some reason though, I just kept on thinking about the Sam Raimi original movies and yes, I know they aren’t masterpieces by any means, but I still loved them and it just seemed like this whole film was unnecessary, but fun.


  2. The problem with these movie franchises is that by the time they get around to the third or fourth installment the plots get weaker and weaker. I’ll wait to see this one when it comes out on cable.


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