Alabama Rolls To National Championship!

OK, there is my prediction. Let me be on record, I’m picking Alabama to win the National Championship tonight over Notre Dame. And while I’m not a professional sportswriter, or even an amateur sports writer, my pick is just as valid as the boys over at ESPN.

Gene Wojciechowski over at ESPN gives 10 reasons Notre Dame wins the National Championship. You can tell he is stretching because he says Notre Dame’s quarterback is a whole lot like Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel. Really? I really don’t remember anyone mentioning Everett Golson in the same breath as the Heisman Trophy. I’m surprised he didn’t make the logical jump that Notre Dame beat Oklahoma. A&M beat Oklahoma. A&M beat Alabama, therefore Notre Dame will beat Alabama. It would have been as good as any of the other reasons he gives.

Ivan Maisel gives his 10 reasons ‘Bama wins and I think they are more convincing. The number one reason he gives is that ‘Bama has the experience. That alone counts for at least 14 points in my book. But it’s not just experience in National Title games, it is experience in big games every week. Yes, Notre Dame had to rise from the ashes to get to this point. But let’s face it, when they went into play a team like the Sooners, the Sooners were not thinking that they were playing a national powerhouse. ‘Bama has been a national powerhouse for years, and managed to keep that moniker because they are so good. For all we really know about Notre Dame, they’ve had to have some really lucky games to remain undefeated. I’m not trying to take away from their season. They’ve had a great season. But I don’t think it will be enough to beat ‘Bama.


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