Texas Aggies Finish Dream Season, 41-13 over Oklahoma Sooners in Cotton Bowl Victory

CottonTrophyYes, it is the end of a dream season. As I watched Heisman trophy winner Johnny Manziel dance along the sidelines for the opening touchdown, I could not help but feel like I was living in a dream. The Texas A&M Aggies were finishing up their season in 77th Cotton Bowl against Number 11 ranked Oklahoma Sooners. It was a close game at the half with the Aggies leading 14-13.

The second half, the Sooners had no answer for Johnny Manziel and company. The Aggies went on to score 27 unanswered points in the second half and the defense stepped up and kept the Sooners off the score board. More than that, they kept the Sooners off the field. The Sooners first two possessions in the second half ended without first downs and punting the ball away. At one point, the Sooners only managed 17 yards in the second half.

That was when the dream-like feeling really came over me because I realized that the Aggies not only were going to win, going 11-2 for the season, that they had the Heisman Trophy winner leading the way, but that they were NOT going to blow it. The win was in the bag and there was nothing the Sooners could do to avoid the thrashing. It was sweet.

And it was fun. Watching Manziel run the ball made it a true joy. He is a fun player to watch, which is one of the reasons he won the Heisman. He doesn’t just put up the numbers, but he does it in a fun way to watch. It made the game almost surreal. Nice, but surreal.

On top of that, Manziel went on to help the Aggies with 599 yards of total offense, a Cotton Bowl record. I’m sure there are some other records that I’m missing, but it is late.

I did want to add a few of the tweets posted at ESPN. It’s quite revealing what some of the sports writers are thinking:

He beat Bama. He won the Heisman. He conquered the Cotton Bowl. Johnny Football became a legend this season. — ESPN

Johnny Football starts his 2013 heisman campaign tonight in spectacular fashion.If you didn’t know – now you know. Jonathan Coachman

The Cotton Bowl was a one-point game at the half. aTm’s halftime adjustment was to open up a can. Michael Smith

The “SEC” chants have given way to “Johnny” chants. Richard Durrett

This is one of the greatest individual bowl performances I’ve ever seen. Johnny Football is living up to his nickname and his Heisman. Skip Bayless

I hope next year is better than this one, although I’m not looking forward to it yet. I’m too busy enjoying the end results of this season. A winning program with an 11-2 record and a Heisman winner returning to play quarterback next season.  That is a dream season, especially for Aggies every where. We have had such a long draught when it comes to being successful. Hopefully it will be a long time before we taste the draught again.