The Promise of Hope

There are days where I realize the greatest disappointments in life are the lives we have here in America. As I look out into our culture and the war that has been waged by those on the left of those things we prize and cherish on the right, it seems hopeless. With the school systems systematically indoctrinating our children to the evils of our very own country, and criticizing the values that made this country great, I don’t see us ever coming back from the cultural cliff we flew off some time ago. I know the big concern is the fiscal cliff before us. But the bigger problem is the cultural and moral cliff we have long since jumped.

Those on the left are making any stand for morality more and more difficult with each passing day. I witnessed this first hand after the gay-marriage debate hit full steam on Facebook and those who saw my stand for morality called me a bigot. It’s not as though my views are actually anything new. But the views of those of us who let the Bible dictate our beliefs are now unacceptable for those in polite company because we stand for that which is right, according to the only place we have for know what is right, the Word of God. It is not that there haven’t always been those who have opposed our views. Naysayers and atheists have always existed. What is so disconcerting is the reality that many who oppose us and our views say that they believe in God and the Bible. It is as if the words of God have become whatever we want to believe, except when it comes to judging between good and bad morality. Those verses in the Bible seem to be the marching orders of those on the left and in the middle. The other verses of the Bible which actually condemn homosexuality and sexual perversion, don’t fit the template.

In fact, I feel one of the reasons that so many have come to champion the cause of homosexuals is two fold: first, they fool themselves into thinking they are taking a moral high road like those who stood in the face of slavery and unjust laws towards blacks. In their minds, they equate the gay-rights movements as if it were the equal-rights movements of the 1960s. I noted on my blog those blacks who strongly disagree with this idea and you can read their own words at The Minority Republican.

The other reason so many are fighting for gay-rights is that they inherently know that homosexuality is a perversion. However, if they can justify the position of those who are gay, then certainly, they can justify their own immorality. This is why the topic of gay marriage always comes up on news shows that have evangelicals on them. The hosts love to bring it up because they know evangelicals stand opposed to homosexuality… well, at least they did.

So what do we do? How do we combat these views that are so contradictory to Scripture?

We could attempt to force our views on others like Islam and others do, but that would not bring about any real change of heart, which is what is necessary.

The only means given to us as Christians: prayer and perseverance in preaching the truth. As Christians, we must persevere in all things and that means standing for the truth. I constantly have to remind myself that my job isn’t to convert the lost or change their views on things. It is my job to proclaim the truth of God’s word. He is the One that must show grace toward the lost, the blind and the spiritually dead. What we need is a miracle like the one that took place on the Day of Pentecost. We need a miracle in which God’s word goes forth and the Spirit uses that word to bring the dead back to life.

This is the hope for our country. New laws, restrictions, instructions, and taxes are not going to change what needs to be changed. All those things will do is enlarge government and give them more power, thereby reducing our freedoms. That is all that government can ever do. The government has no real power to bring about real change in the human heart.

The promise of real hope only comes in the gospel. Yes, so many do not have ears to hear. I believe that is evident given the way the country voted in November. The country likes the promise of more of what the government gives without the responsibility of actually working for those things. But with this comes a loss of freedom. We tend to think that with the additional blessings of what the government is promising us, then we will be happier. But those things only lead to more slavery, since the real problem of slavery comes through the bondage that these things have on our lives. No, real hope is found in the blessing of Christ and Him alone. Only in Him will freedom be found and maintained.

I believe that God is sovereign over all things, including our nation. Given this, I don’t believe is giving us over to blessings. The current president is the one that God placed in the White House for a reason. But I don’t like that reason. I don’t see rosie roads ahead. Not that I can see the future. However knowing the policies that the one in the White House has, this country will not be blessed.

This doesn’t mean that God is turning from those who are in HIM. We have hope because He has promised to never leave us nor forsake us. He has promised to bless us, and true blessings are knowing that we are in Him and have eternal live in Him. The blessings He gives us do not necessarily translate into material blessings. Sadly, this is what saddens me the most. This is what disappoints me the most and shows just how much my heart loves this world. My love, our love needs to be for Him and Him alone. I imagine by the time my LORD calls me home, I trust that He will have worked in my heart enough for me to come to a point of pure hatred for this world we live in. Not hatred for hatred sake, but hatred compared to the love we are to have for Him. He really is the only goodness in the world. I know this. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Perhaps another reason for the long haul of sanctification known in this life, while we wait for the life to come…

I never intended for this to be this long. But… I can’t seem to end it…


5 thoughts on “The Promise of Hope

  1. Timothy,

    You are absolutely correct that this is a cultural problem. However, the answer is in a robust, cruciform life of the church in every way. This includes ‘indoctrinating’ our children everyday of the week. The left began the leavening process of this culture 150 years ago, and our overly-pietistic forebears buried their collective heads in the sand, wishing it all away. Now, we are seeing the fruit of that leavening.

    We have to recapture the vision of leavening the whole lump of culture, beginning at home with our children. Do not grow weary in well-doing, brother. Fight the good fight.

    Merry Christmas!


  2. AMEN Brother Timothy – keep preaching it. I pray that all of you had a Merry Christmas and I wish you a Happy New Year . I PRAISE GOD for you all the time and your good work.




  3. I highly recommend that all of you , if you don’t belong already, sign-up for Michelle Malkin’s blog . She is a wealth of information. There are so many issues going on, it is hard to know where to start. BUT……”common core curriculum” is one that we should absolutely address. Read the first article on this blog for a better understanding of what is happening in our education system. We must NOT take an apathetic view – these are the children that will run our country tomorrow.

    God Bless American and all of you,

    Mom – Judy


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