Top 10 Posts of 2012

It is that time again, the time that we look back and reflect upon our accomplishments. It’s a time when we go the stats page and see what people have been reading. It’s a time to think about how I’m making an impact for the Kingdom of God. So, without further wordiness, here are the Top 10 Posts of 2012. Please note, some of these posts may not have been posted in 2012, but were the most read in 2012.

Number One — Blue Bell Ice Cream: Top 10 Flavors — Yes, coming in at number one, making an impact for the Kingdom of God, is this little ditty that I posted back on July 5, 2011, and comes it an number one with 9,394 hits. Apparently the post got snatched up by Google and every time someone Googles Blue Bell Ice Cream, my post come up. It’s amazing how many people are interested in Blue Bell Ice Cream. This is a good way to increase stats. Take something very popular, and write about it. I did the same thing with Oreo Cookies, but it didn’t make the Top 10 list for the year.

Number Two — Mike Sherman Shows His True Character — This one was simply a repost of Mike Sherman’s letter to high school coaches in several newspapers across the state of Texas. It comes in at number two with with 6,352 hits, but is remarkable because it holds the number one post of all time hits in a single day. I got 2,610 hits the day I posted it, showing that what he wrote at the time was really of interest to people. I posted it because it showed that Sherman truly is a man of character. I was completely surprised by how many read it.

Number Three — The Dreaded Brown Recluse Widow Tarantula — A humorous piece that pokes fun and our fear of spiders, this one actually started gaining traction long after I posted it on April 29, 2011. It falls into this position with 1,119 hits for the year.

Number Four — Cremation or Burial: A Biblical Perspective — Finally, we get to something of significance, something that deals with our views of life, something that has eternal ramifications. However… this is one of the pieces that I wish were NOT in the Top 10. After reading it over and giving it some thought, I feel the piece is full of holes and leaps in logic and therefore, really not well argued. So please, don’t read it.

Number Five — Top 10 Most Noble Jobs in the World — The premise is that since these are jobs that no one longs to do, they are noble because they are so necessary to our lives. It comes in at number five with 995 hits, and is the first one that drops below 1,000 hits.

Number Six — Top 10 Reasons I Love Christmas — This one came on with a surge as the year came to a close and finished with 978 hits.

Number Seven — Neil Boortz: Excellent Commencement Speech — This is a speech that was never given, but what Neil would say if given the opportunity. This post received 909 hits.

Number Eight — We Cry Abba/Father, Not Daddy — Finally, one that is theological that I actually like. I’m making the point that Abba does not equate to Daddy as some have tried to say. It makes the list with 873 hits.

Number Nine — Top 10 Reasons Christianity is Far Superior to Any Other Religion — This one is getting a lot of play because of those opposed to the faith more than those who are for it. Those of us “in Christ” know the real reason Christianity is superior is because of Christ and all that comes with being “in Christ.”

Number Ten — The About Page — guess people were trying to figure out who I am. The next was the page on Calvinism, followed by Against the Cults page.

BTW, the overall readership of my page is up over the past year. For instance, the number one post for 2011 was The Godfather which had 4,292 hits for 2011, while this year’s number one post more than doubles that hit count. This shows that if you just stay at it, you will build up readership.


The Promise of Hope

There are days where I realize the greatest disappointments in life are the lives we have here in America. As I look out into our culture and the war that has been waged by those on the left of those things we prize and cherish on the right, it seems hopeless. With the school systems systematically indoctrinating our children to the evils of our very own country, and criticizing the values that made this country great, I don’t see us ever coming back from the cultural cliff we flew off some time ago. I know the big concern is the fiscal cliff before us. But the bigger problem is the cultural and moral cliff we have long since jumped.

Those on the left are making any stand for morality more and more difficult with each passing day. I witnessed this first hand after the gay-marriage debate hit full steam on Facebook and those who saw my stand for morality called me a bigot. It’s not as though my views are actually anything new. But the views of those of us who let the Bible dictate our beliefs are now unacceptable for those in polite company because we stand for that which is right, according to the only place we have for know what is right, the Word of God. It is not that there haven’t always been those who have opposed our views. Naysayers and atheists have always existed. What is so disconcerting is the reality that many who oppose us and our views say that they believe in God and the Bible. It is as if the words of God have become whatever we want to believe, except when it comes to judging between good and bad morality. Those verses in the Bible seem to be the marching orders of those on the left and in the middle. The other verses of the Bible which actually condemn homosexuality and sexual perversion, don’t fit the template.

In fact, I feel one of the reasons that so many have come to champion the cause of homosexuals is two fold: first, they fool themselves into thinking they are taking a moral high road like those who stood in the face of slavery and unjust laws towards blacks. In their minds, they equate the gay-rights movements as if it were the equal-rights movements of the 1960s. I noted on my blog those blacks who strongly disagree with this idea and you can read their own words at The Minority Republican.

The other reason so many are fighting for gay-rights is that they inherently know that homosexuality is a perversion. However, if they can justify the position of those who are gay, then certainly, they can justify their own immorality. This is why the topic of gay marriage always comes up on news shows that have evangelicals on them. The hosts love to bring it up because they know evangelicals stand opposed to homosexuality… well, at least they did.

So what do we do? How do we combat these views that are so contradictory to Scripture?

We could attempt to force our views on others like Islam and others do, but that would not bring about any real change of heart, which is what is necessary.

The only means given to us as Christians: prayer and perseverance in preaching the truth. As Christians, we must persevere in all things and that means standing for the truth. I constantly have to remind myself that my job isn’t to convert the lost or change their views on things. It is my job to proclaim the truth of God’s word. He is the One that must show grace toward the lost, the blind and the spiritually dead. What we need is a miracle like the one that took place on the Day of Pentecost. We need a miracle in which God’s word goes forth and the Spirit uses that word to bring the dead back to life.

This is the hope for our country. New laws, restrictions, instructions, and taxes are not going to change what needs to be changed. All those things will do is enlarge government and give them more power, thereby reducing our freedoms. That is all that government can ever do. The government has no real power to bring about real change in the human heart.

The promise of real hope only comes in the gospel. Yes, so many do not have ears to hear. I believe that is evident given the way the country voted in November. The country likes the promise of more of what the government gives without the responsibility of actually working for those things. But with this comes a loss of freedom. We tend to think that with the additional blessings of what the government is promising us, then we will be happier. But those things only lead to more slavery, since the real problem of slavery comes through the bondage that these things have on our lives. No, real hope is found in the blessing of Christ and Him alone. Only in Him will freedom be found and maintained.

I believe that God is sovereign over all things, including our nation. Given this, I don’t believe is giving us over to blessings. The current president is the one that God placed in the White House for a reason. But I don’t like that reason. I don’t see rosie roads ahead. Not that I can see the future. However knowing the policies that the one in the White House has, this country will not be blessed.

This doesn’t mean that God is turning from those who are in HIM. We have hope because He has promised to never leave us nor forsake us. He has promised to bless us, and true blessings are knowing that we are in Him and have eternal live in Him. The blessings He gives us do not necessarily translate into material blessings. Sadly, this is what saddens me the most. This is what disappoints me the most and shows just how much my heart loves this world. My love, our love needs to be for Him and Him alone. I imagine by the time my LORD calls me home, I trust that He will have worked in my heart enough for me to come to a point of pure hatred for this world we live in. Not hatred for hatred sake, but hatred compared to the love we are to have for Him. He really is the only goodness in the world. I know this. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Perhaps another reason for the long haul of sanctification known in this life, while we wait for the life to come…

I never intended for this to be this long. But… I can’t seem to end it…

A Bicycle For Christmas?

This morning our goal is to find Joey a bicycle for Christmas. I have real mixed feelings about the bicycle experience for my boys. Not that I don’t want them to have a bicycle, or learn to ride a bicycle. I just don’t want them to go anywhere on a bicycle. In other words, once the glow of the fact that they have a bicycle wears off, I’m hoping to put both Joey’s new one, and Andy’s in the shed to be forgotten and covered with a thick coat of New Mexico dust from the next wind storm.

Why do I feel this way? It’s not that I had some bad experience as a child on a bicycle. In fact, the bicycle was our freedom. We went everywhere on our bicycles. I can remember living on the cul-de-sac of Kimberly in Houston, hopping on our bicycles and heading all the way to Town & Country Village to the hobby shop to look at the model trains. We rode without helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, water bottles, GPS’s, etc. Off on the Schwinn Sting Ray and no stopping until we got there.

SchwinnStingRayMy parents didn’t worry that some child molester would kidnap us and activate the Amber Alert. They knew we would be gone for a while and then back again for lots of water and the cool of our living room. They knew we were fairly safe, even in Houston.

If it wasn’t off to Town & Country Village, we were off to Rummel Creek Elementary school, where we could find suicide hill next to the creek. This was where we became Evil Knieval wannabes. We would get going full speed and head down suicide hill. We might even become air born off the top of suicide hill. No one ever really got hurt other than the occasional scrape or bruise. Remember that this was long before the lunacy of the X-games. We were not thinking about doing flips in midair. We were just thinking about… midair. If a tire left the ground or pavement, it was cool enough for us. Wheelies were the big craze and the height of bicycle talent in those days. There were those guys who even changed out the gears on their bicycles to facilitate the wheelie. They could do wheelies for blocks at a time. They were the height of cool and legends of our bicycle worlds.

The truth be known, I’m not sure I want my boys to have those experiences. Especially the experience of heading off on their bicycles for hours at a time. Not in this world. Not in these days of lunacy. In fact, I’m certain I will have to buy a bike for myself so that when they do head off to the park, I can go with them. They will not head off to the park alone, or the multiple trails that divide up the city of Roswell. I will be right there with them, watching, warning and praying.

Am I being overprotective? You bet. But that is the world in which we live. I don’t like it. I wish we lived in safer societies, but given the tragedy that happened just last week, we know it to be a different world.

So I will buy Joey a bicycle. And I might even teach him to ride his, and eventually teach Andy to ride his. But will I ever let them head out to the park or some where alone and without me? I hope not. Things have changed too much in our world. Instead of having the experiences of brothers being boys on places like suicide hill, they will have to grow up with the experience of Dad going everywhere with them. Come to think of it, not a bad thing at all.

I better get looking for that bicycle.

Mike Huckabee’s Fox Show Monologue

I like what Governor Mike Huckabee said in response to the shootings in Connecticut. It has drawn a lot of heat, but that is because he is spot on.

Huckabee’s Fox show monologue:

I’ve said some controversial things from time to time, but none which prompted such a backlash as when I stated that the horrific shooting in CT of school children and teachers couldn’t be blamed on God because we’ve systematically marginalized God out of our culture by removing Him from all aspects of the public square.

The vicious attacks that have resulted, most of all of which are based on total ignorance of what I actually said have actually validated my point, but I’m quite certain that was not the intent of both the professional and amateur critics who have demanded everything from my being banned from ever speaking in public again, or wished me a slow and painful death. On that alone, I wish to acknowledge that the left has again shown that it defines tolerance and diversity as being tolerant only of that with which it agrees, and diverse only to include slight shades of the orthodoxy of liberalism to which they adhere.

They abhor censorship of their own profanity, obscenities, or graphic violence, but are the first to demand that a voice that invokes the name of God to be silenced. A specific act of violence is rarely the result of a specific single act of a culture that prompts it. In other words, I would never say that simply taking prayer and Bible reading from our institutions or silencing Christmas carols is the direct cause of a mass murder. That would be ludicrous and simplistic.

But the cause and effect we see in the dramatic changes of what our children are capable of is a part of a cultural shift from a God-centered culture to a self-centered culture.

We have glorified uninhibited self-expression and individualism and are shocked that we have a generation of loners. We have insisted on a society where everyone gets a trophy and no one loses and act surprised that so many kids lack self-esteem and feel like losers. We dismiss the notion of natural law and the notion that there are moral absolutes and seemed amazed when some kids make it their own morality to kill innocent children.

We diminish and even hold in contempt the natural family of a father and mother creating and then responsibly raising the next generation and then express dismay that kids feel no real connection to their families or even the concept of a family. We scoff at the need for mothers and fathers to make it their priority to train their children to be strong in spirit and soul and responsible for right and wrong and exalt instead the virtue of having things and providing expensive toys, games, and electronics that substitute for parenting and then don’t understand why our kids would rather have ear buds dangling from their ears, fingers attaching to a smart phone, and face attached to a computer screen than to have an extended conversation with their family at dinner.

And we don’t teach them there is a Creator God who sets immutable rules, a God who is knowable, and to whom we are ultimately responsible. Instead we teach that God was not involved in our origins, that our very lives are biological happenstances and in fact are disposable should they be inconvenient to us, and that any outrageous behaviors are not sin, but disorders for which we should be excused and accommodated.

I realize my viewpoint sounds out-dated and archaic, but when that world view was the foundation of our nation’s social contract, we got in trouble at school for talking in class, chewing gum, pulling a girl’s pigtails, or slouching in our school desks. We took guns to school, to be sure, but they were in the gun racks of our trucks and we used them to hunt before and after school. It never occurred to us to use them to murder our teachers and fellow students. So yes, I can stand the contempt and criticism of the left. I’ll gladly accept their scorn as they substitute creative language with a steady stream of profanity-laced tirades that I’m an idiot, a throwback to the past, and a person who should be forever silenced. But when we as a nation feared God, we didn’t fear that a 20 year old with a high powered rifle would gun down our children in their schoolrooms.

The Human Heart is the Problem, Not Guns or Gun Laws

The nation continues to struggle with the tragedy in Newtown, CT, yesterday and there are a lot of people asking questions. But very few have hit on the problem.

Those on the left think that somehow by manufacturing more laws, problems like this can be prevented. In fact, the left would like nothing more than to remove guns from society if possible. We know the problem with this. In a society that could not rid itself of cocaine after a billion dollars were spent in the war against drugs, we cannot rid ourselves of guns either. In fact, the end result would be that more innocent people would helpless in such situations because only criminals would have guns.

The right wants to make sure we keep our right to guns. This is a double-edged sword. On the one hand it is our freedom to have guns and we have the right and freedom to resort to using guns if necessary. The other edge is that we will continue to live in a society where those like Adam Lanza don’t have to buy any guns, but can find them when they want to.

Those of us on the right are even pointing to issues like our violent society and how we stand by and let it continue on unabated. Lawrence Auster at View From the Right has an excellent piece at his blog sight entitled Our False Innocence, Our Real GuiltHe points out that it is our violent society that leads to such instances of violence and stains all of our hands with guilt. While we are not directly guilty, we are guilty to a point.

Lawrence writes:

Our society has also destroyed norms in taking a non-judgmental and libertarian position on mentally disturbed and dangerous people who once would have been isolated from society. It would be unfair and oppressive to institutionalize the mentally ill, so we let them move about at liberty where ultimately many of them commit violent crimes.

But no one notices our systematic normalization of the normless. People seem to think that because they themselves are not bothered or harmed by this normless world of violence and madness, no one will be harmed by it. But not everyone is equally stable. Some people are more vulnerable to messages of rampant lust, savage violence, and murder than others. They need a sane and well ordered society to remain well-ordered themselves. But our society hurls everyone into moral chaos and assumes everyone will be ok, because, after all, if you don’t like perverted and violent messages in the surrounding society, you’re free to ignore them, right? Isn’t that what every libertarian and “freedom”-loving conservative like Rush Limbaugh says?

While our society manufacturers suicidal false guilt, such as the guilt of whites for their fictional racism against blacks, it ignores its own actual guilt in having built a continent-sized Sodom where anything goes. Yet as soon as something bad happens, the Sodomites—meaning the residents of Sodom—cry, “But we thought our town was safe!” Amazing. Mass murders have of course previously occurred in “safe” towns. Yet each time another mass murder takes place in another “safe” town, everyone is shocked and rushes to tie pink ribbons on trees and hold prayer-and-therapy vigils and hug each other—symbols of their own invulnerable and utterly false sense of innocence.

I understand exactly what he is saying. We are all complicit in our acceptance of violence. For instance, last night I took one of the members of my church to see The Hobbit. I was really looking forward to it and hoped that I would be able to take my two boys, 5 and 7, to see it as well. But I cannot. While the book by J.R.R. Tolkien was written for a younger audience, Peter Jackson’s adaptation is far too violent for such young minds. It’s far too violent for the culture at large. We hide this fact by saying things like, “Jackson is just bringing realism to the story.” I thought one of the purposes of reading fiction was to escape the realism of our world, and yet we pay $8.50 to watch orcs and goblins get their heads cut off because it is realism.

No one protests the violence because we all like it. This is closer to the truth of the problem than anyone wants to admit. We like violence because we are violent. Removing violent video games and movies will not reduce the violence in our culture. Violence, war and murder are found in all cultures, regardless of the technological advancement of those culture. So video games and movies are not the problem, just symptoms of the problem.

The problem is the same as it has always been, it is the human heart. Baba Lucy wrote this in my comments section of yesterday’s post:

People who want to kill will kill no matter what. Guns are not the problem. Hearts are the problem. Hearts must be changed by JESUS or a person can do anything. I pray that people realize that killing a child is like killing a baby- It is LIFE and our country is choosing death over life. We as a country are doing what is right in our own eyes instead of GOD’s and things will only get worse.

Seems quite simple, yet she bases her statements on Biblical truth. It is the same problem mankind has had since the first massacre recorded in Genesis 4, in which Cain wiped out 25 percent of the population. It is the problem of a wicked heart. Listen to the Prophet Jeremiah:

“The heart is deceitful above all things,
And desperately wicked;
Who can know it?
10 I, the Lord, search the heart,
I test the mind,
Even to give every man according to his ways,
According to the fruit of his doings.

God is not only showing us grace by showing us our fallen nature, He is warning us of the consequences if we do not turn to Him. He is giving us and the culture we live in over to our ways. Do we like violence in our movies? Then our culture will be saturated with it. Do we like adultery in the television shows we watch? Then our marriages will be saturated with it. Do we like the ways of the world? Then our churches will become worldly. In fact, I would have to say that our churches have succumbed to our infatuation with entertainment, to the point that our worship is no longer that which worships a holy and just God, but worships our desires for the right kind of experience. But that is another post.

The point is that our hearts are desperately wicked. The LORD has shown us the root cause for all our problems. Only when we turnt to Him will there be any hope of cultures that reflect true peace, a peace not brought on by the additional laws of fallen mankind, but by the redemption of fallen people by Jesus Christ.

But alas, our world and the church, doesn’t want to hear this. We want Congress to “do” something to make everything OK. We fool ourselves into thinking that with the stroke of a pen, our Congress and President can make the world a safer place, as if the laws already on the books were not enough. Congress cannot help because they do not have the power to do so. Remember, Cain murdered Abel without an AK-47. There were no assault rifles in his day. I guess Congress could fix that too by banning assault rocks. But they still cannot address the human heart.

Only the gospel of Christ can do that. Only by the preaching of God’s word, with all its hard passages, can the Spirit work in order to redeem people. Just know however that mankind doesn’t want this either. Remember the words of our LORD in John 3:18ff, that men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil.

When it comes right down to it, we are dependent upon God’s grace. Yesterday, He chose for His reasons to remove that grace from the elementary school in Newtown, CT. Now the masses are sitting in judgment of His goodness, never stopping to consider that it is His grace that keeps any elementary school safe. It is His grace and through His ways that culture works at all. If we truly want a safe world to live in, then we need to turn to Him. Only then will the real problem of the human heart be dealt with. He knows our hearts. He knows our problems and our struggles. Without Him, we can do nothing in this situation other than ask pointless questions. Only in Him will we find the answer to the real problem. The real problem is not guns, but the heart. The real answer to this is the gospel of Jesus Christ, not more laws. Laws were never intended to change the heart, only through the gospel can that happen. To the world that asks “why?” this is foolishness. But it is the only real answer to the questions.

Discoverer of Titanic Confirms Evidence of Noah’s Flood in the Black Sea

I remember hearing about this discovery earlier. Two scientist, Walter Pitman and Bill Ryan, discovered signs of civilization along the floor of the Black Sea, which was a fresh-water lake at the time the civilizations were there. But all those communities were washed away in a great flood.

Now Bob Ballard, the man who discovered the Titanic, has also confirmed the finding using updated robotic technology. He says the findings and subsequent carbon dating of what has been found place the Noah’s flood at about 5,000 years B.C. All three scientist say that the flood that destroyed the lake and communities surrounding it happened very quickly.

“With more than 200 times the force of Niagara falls, the flood caused water levels in the Black Sea, which was no more than a large lake, to rise six inches per day and swallowed 60,000 square miles in less than a year,” wrote Hannah Fairfield in the Columbia News several years ago.

The people who lived there scattered as they fled the rising water that erased the obvious signs of their existence. But Ballard and his team believe the evidence of an ancient civilization is there for them the find.

That seems to fit what we are told in the Bible. I love pointing that out because there are so many skeptics the float through our lives, it’s good to see confirmation of what Scripture says by the science world. NOT THAT we need that confirmation. The Bible is God’s authoritative word, but we should expect to find evidence of what has been recorded in the archaeological record. And we do.

Here is more of the article:

When Ballard launched his operation, he had a very specific goal in mind.

“We went in there to look for the flood,” Ballard told ABC News. “Not just a slow moving, advancing rise of sea level, but a really big flood that then stayed… The land that went under stayed under.”

Ballard’s team eventually found ancient pottery and what appears to be an ancient shoreline, which he believes supports the scientists’ theory. Based on carbon dating of the shells along that shoreline, Ballard estimates the flood happened around 5,000 B.C., which is believed to be the time of Noah.

Ballard, Pitman and Ryan believe it’s the recounting of this flood from generation to generation that evolved into the story of Noah’s Ark (Genesis chapters 6-9).

Pitman and Ryan wrote about their theory in “Noah’s Flood: The New Scientific Discoveries About the Event That Changed History.” The book was published in 1999 and ignited new interest in the Black Sea and surrounding region, an area once thought to have little significance in human history.

While Ballard said he does not expect to find Noah’s Ark — the ship itself — he hopes to find evidence of the civilization he believes was swept away.

Ballard and his team have plans to return to Turkey to continue their operation next summer.

You can read the rest of the article here.

Dave Brubeck Died on Wendesday

I didn’t realize that Dave Brubeck died on Wednesday, just a few days short of his 92nd birthday. Here is a bit of his bio:

Born Dec. 6, 1920, to a California ranching family, Brubeck’s religious sensibilities awakened during World War II when he served in Gen. George Patton’s famed 3rd Army. In an interview with Hedrick Smith for the PBS program Rediscovering Dave Brubeck, he said, “So many of my friends got killed in World War II. On the parachute landing on D-Day, one of my friends got shot in the air in his harness of his parachute.” Brubeck said he started asking himself, “Why am I here? Why did they get killed?” Initially, though, he said he turned not to God but to hard work. Brubeck resolved, “I’m alive and I’m gonna do as much as I can.”

And he did. His post-war productivity was remarkable. Not only did the poly-rhythms of such songs as “Take Six” and “Blue Rondo” capture America’s post-war energies, Brubeck’s output—as many as 250 concerts and four albums a year—turned him into a jazz superstar in the 1950s and ’60s.

Some musicians and critics resented Brubeck’s success, saying he capitalized on an audience that black musicians had built. Others dismissed Brubeck’s music as “West Coast Jazz” or “Cool Jazz” or even “White Man’s Jazz.” But the criticism faded after Brubeck canceled 23 of 25 concerts—many of them on college campuses in the South—when he discovered that his black bass player Eugene Wright would not be welcome. After that, Brubeck, Wright, and the rest of the band were welcomed at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, N.Y., and at both black and white colleges throughout the country.

Read the rest here.

And here is one of his most famous numbers:

Is God Omnibenevolent?

From a discussion on the Calvin page, on the concept of God’s Omnibenevolent.

Sacred struggler writes:

I’m talking about God’s omnibenevolence, not the world’s. This is all about God’s character here. I can’t imagine anyone trying to argue that the world has no evil in it.

“Omnibenevolence (from Latin omni- meaning “all”, and benevolent, meaning “good”)[1] is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “unlimited or infinite benevolence”. It is often held to be impossible, or at least improbable, for a deity to exhibit such property along side omniscience and omnipotence as a result of the problem of evil. However, some philosophers, such as Alvin Plantinga, argue the plausibility of co-existence. ” This is from the article. This is what we’re talking about. Of course it’s hard to defend that God is good, it doesn’t make it false though.

My response:

Not sure I’m buying the term itself perhaps because of the idea of benevolence itself. I believe God is infinitely good, but has a hatred of that which is evil. Infinite benevolence seems to suggest that He is infinitely good apart from His anger and wrath toward a rebellious world. In other words, He is infinitely good toward the rebellious, which one could argue He does the moment He shows any goodness or kindness to anyone. But does this infinite goodness, being all present at all times in every place completely and beyond measure, be present in a world in which evil exists at all?

Comment in comment section.