Johnny Football Manziel SEC Freshman??? Offensive Player of the WEEK… Again!

Once again, Johnny Football Manziel has been named the SEC Freshman of the week. This is the 9th time this season that he has won the honor, and it ‘s a record for the honor. The most any other freshman has won it is three times, by multiple players. News sources are so not impressed with those freshmen who have won the award three times that they failed to give their names. Maybe that is because most of us would be hard pressed to know any of the freshmen to do so.

The sad note about this honor is that Manziel should be named Offensive Player of the Week, without the freshman designation, given that his numbers and performance outranks the “co-offensive players of the week” honors given to Mike Gillislee of Florida and Donte Moncrief of Ole Miss. Gillislee and Moncrief combined for a total of 313 offensive yards  and five touchdowns between the two of them.

Our freshman passed for 373 yards, threw for three touchdowns, added 67 yards rushing and ran for two touchdowns as well. Which means, Freshman Johnny Football Manziel is better than the best two SEC players combined this week. He should have received Offensive Player of the Week without the freshman designation.

His numbers also improved for the season. He combined for a total of 4,600 yards on offense, which is an SEC record. The previous holder of the record was Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton who had 4,327 yards in 14 games instead of the 12 games in which Manziel accomplished the task. In other words, just to be clear, Manziel set the record with two-fewer games than Newton did. There should be no arguments left as to who is the best football player of the season. Hands down it’s Manziel and he should get the Heisman Trophy to go along with it.

As for what some are saying about Manziel, here is a quick reminder:

Tom Rossley, then A&M’s quarterbacks coach who recruited Manziel to College Station two years ago, compared Manziel to Brett Favre, whom Rossley coached at Green Bay. Alabama coach Nick Saban said Manziel reminded him of Doug Flutie. Now, Missouri coach Gary Pinkel added another great to the semblance list.

“Johnny made most of his plays running around back there,” Pinkel said, “just like John Elway used to do for Stanford.”

BTW, for those of you who did not watch the game on Saturday night, Manziel was injured at one point. It became so quiet in Kyle Field that the announcer actually shut up so you could hear how quiet the stadium was. 86,000 people have never been so quite. But in classic Manziel fashion, he came back into the game on the next drive and continued playing superbly even with the minor injury to his knee.

The Aggies went on to defeat the Missouri Tigers 59-29 and improved to 10-2 for the season. This is the first time since 1998 that the Aggies have had a 10-win season.

One more note: I was listening to Colin Cowheard on ESPN radio this morning and he said that A&M is playing the best football in the nation right now. He made the point several times. He added that Alabama is not the best team right now, as we saw two weeks ago.

One MORE note: Last week I read an article in which the players from t.u. were actually pitying A&M because the Aggies didn’t … and I’m not making this up… didn’t get to play them on Thanksgiving Day for the first time in years. Actual players were feeling sorry for the Aggies. This shows you the unsurpassed arrogance that people in the great state of Texas have had to put up with when it comes to t.u. They truly believe the world of college football revolves around them. Of course, you couldn’t tell that by their performance against TCU on Thanksgiving Day. The t-sips lost to the Horned Frogs 20-13.

Don’t feel so sorry for t.u. I’m sure they have already convinced themselves that A&M left the “superior” conference when they departed the Big 12 and now reside in South’s equivalent of the Mid-American conference. But then again, they are fooling themselves. After all, their coach boasted that they were the SEC team of the Big 12 earlier in the year. I guess they are right there above… Auburn.


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