Texas Aggies Roundup That Matters

A&M Out of League? 

I found this at The One-Point Safety, by Travis Normand. Apparently, Alabama fans were so confident that A&M would be waxed, that they had the following T-shirts made up proclaiming that A&M, being the newest member to the SEC, was out of it’s league.

This is way too funny. I’m sure the T-shirts will have plenty of value for Aggies, since the Aggies beat Alabama 29-24 and knocked them out of contention for the BCS National Title game. Can anyone say: pride goeth before the fall?

Johnny Football and the Hunt for the Heisman

After Johnny Manziel’s excellent performance against Alabama in the Aggies 29-24 victory over the number one ranked Crimson Tide, he is seriously being considered for the Heisman Trophy. Some have made the point that he is only a redshirt freshman, but since those who award the Heisman gave up on the unwritten rule that it should only go to upper classmen, by awarding it to Florida’s Tim Tebow in 2007, and Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford in 2008, then there is not reason that Manziel should be restricted from winning the award. If he is the best player, this year, in college football then it should go to him. That is what the award is for.

For those of you who don’t know much about him, watch the following video. It’s quite good.

Texas Aggies Football Schedule Thus Far!

I love all the “W‘s!”

BTW, the win against Alabama was head coach Kevin Sumlin’s 12th-consecutive road win dating back to his time with the Houston Cougars. For Aggie fans, you know that the number 12 is significant!!!

Let us hope that the Aggies add two more “W‘s” to the schedule for the regular season and another one in the bowl game to come.

Thu, Aug 30
  • Postponed
Sat, Sept 8 0-1 (0-1)
Sat, Sept 15 1-1 (0-1)
Sat, Sept 22 2-1 (0-1)
Sat, Sept 29 3-1 (1-1)
Sat, Oct 6 4-1 (2-1)
Sat, Oct 13 5-1 (2-1)
Sat, Oct 20 5-2 (2-2)
Sat, Oct 27 6-2 (3-2)
Sat, Nov 3 7-2 (4-2)
Sat, Nov 10 8-2 (5-2)
Sat, Nov 17 3:30 PM ET ESPN 3 Tickets
Sat, Nov 24 7:00 PM ET Tickets

I’m hoping that A&M takes care of Sam Houston State today quickly in order to give the first-string players a rest. But you can never tell for these smaller teams. They have nothing to lose in leaving it all on the field and can surprise you if you do not take them seriously.

5 thoughts on “Texas Aggies Roundup That Matters

  1. I love it when the arrogance of the SEC gets shoved right back in their face. They all had that “You don’t belong with us” mentality at the beginning of the season, and they were only half-right (because Mizzou is awful).


  2. The Sports Illustrated cover story says Collin Klein (Kansas State) is “the nations best player on the nations best team.”, But Johnny Manziel is amazing!


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