Texas A&M Beats Number One Team in the Country: 29-24!

I’m still excited over Texas A&M’s victory over the Alabama Crimson Tide, 29-24 on Saturday. It says something when your team can beat the Number 1 team in the country. Needless to say, the Crimson Tide will probably not make it into the BCS National Championship game after the loss. They are still in contention for the SEC championship, but that is never the goal for Alabama. The Aggies have foiled that goal.

This improves A&M to 8-2 in their inaugural season in the SEC and shows that they can play with the big boys. This is completely contrary to the bozo sports writers of the Dallas Morning News and ESPN who said A&M would be like Vanderbilt in their first season. Shows what those yahoots know.

A&M only has two games left in the season, Sam Houston State next week, and the Missouri Tigers on Nov. 24th. They have the chance to end the season at 10-2, which is outstanding. There have also been rumors that they may play in the Cotton Bowl against, ahem, t.u. I’m fine with that. Bring on the longhorns. After all, the Big 12 is a second-rate conference.