Star Wars Goes To Disney World

Last week, we learned that Disney bought Star Wars and we can look forward to years of coming Star Wars movies. I am grateful for the purchase, especially given that I know the controlling power behind Star Wars, George Lucas, will no longer be responsible for the scripts behind the movies.

We all know the story of how Lucas took his scripts to Hollywood, time and time again, trying to get help in making his films and it wasn’t until he to episode 4 there that he found success there. There was a reason for that. The movies are poorly written. The dialog is inane and the characters like C3po are really quite irritating. I know the R2D2 is there for the children, so that the movie qualifies as a family movie, but the poor writing makes these characters really irritating.

It takes great writers to make such characters palatable to both children and adults. Just watch a few Veggie Tales episodes and you will see what I mean. The show is written for children, but adults will find plenty to laugh about as well. That is good writing.

Also, watch any of the Tinker Bell movies that Disney has produced. Yes, there are things that appeal only to the 10-year-old girl. But the movies are well written enough to keep an adults interest as well. Again, that is the result of good writing.

The Star Wars franchise has lacked good writing. They didn’t need it. After all, the appeal was the science fiction and the special effects. Yes, there were a few plot twists, like Luke, Leia and Darth Vader being related surprised me when I was younger. But Jar-Jar Binks sealed my views of the Star Wars franchise: adolescent at best. The last one I saw was just wicked. Enough already. I don’t own any of the franchise and will not unless the writing improves. Hopefully Disney can take the series to a new  and respectable level again.