Texas Aggies Beat Miss. State 38-13 and Go 7-2 Overall.

It was fun actually watching the game today as Texas A&M beat Mississippi State 38-13. So many of the games I’ve had to listen to on the internet because we do not get ESPNU on cable or internet. So it was good to see them play and watch the explosiveness of Johnny Football Manziel and company. Yes, he is a legit Heisman Candidate and should be even though he is a red-shirt freshman. The award goes to the best player in college for the year, not the best player who just happens to be an upper class man.

A&M ran more than 90 plays with their hurry-up offense, passing for a total of 357 yards, rushing for 361 yards and a total for 718 yards. Manziel was the leading rusher with 21 carries for 129 yards, and 2 TDs on the ground. He was also 30-36 for 336 yards and no picks. The only turnover came when Manziel dove for the end zone, breaking the plane, but fumbled once in, and the ruling on the field stood, even though it was obvious that he scored. O, the breaks of the game. But it didn’t matter as the number 16 Texas Aggies beat the number 15 Mississippi State Bulldogs.

We can expect A&M to jump up in the rankings sometime tomorrow as they improved to 7-2, over all and 4-2 in SEC play. They also moved into second place in the west, tied with LSU.

The Aggies face the Alabama Crimson Tide in Tuscaloosa next week. Just an interesting stat there. Head Coach Kevin Sumlin has an 11-game winning streak on the road going back last year when he was coaching for Houston. Let’s hope he turns that into a 12-game winning streak next Saturday.

I had several people ask me about the uniforms during the game, with MSU wearing all white, and the Aggies wearing all black with maroon trim. The Bulldogs were wearing the all white in honor of the last two times these teams met in the Independence Bowl in Shreveport, LA. The Bulldogs came from behind to win in overtime 43-41 in a blizzard, literally. The entire field was covered with snow, which is quite unusual for the Independence Bowl. The Bulldogs were trying to recapture that magic, but you can see from today’s score that wearing all white did nothing for them.

The Aggies, wearing all black, played as good as they can and controlled the game pretty much the entire time. Just for the record, I like the new unis, especially the helmut (see above). I wouldn’t mind the Aggies using these unis again.