Golf That Matters — My Best Game EVER!

Best Golf Game EVER!

The golf season is coming to an end for me because of the winter months and the need to spend golf funds elsewhere, i.e., Christmas presents. So today was the last day to get out for a round of golf. I was hoping to do well, and I did!

On the front nine I shot a personal best of 51, with three pars. I parred holes 3, 4, and 7, which really made the difference. Not a single blowup hole and I managed the course much better than in the past.

The back nine is considered much more difficult than the front nine. I’ve been told to add about 10 strokes to figure out what your game will look like on the back nine if you are consistent. I only added 6 strokes and finished with a 57, for a 108 total. That is the best score ever. Here is the clincher. In those 108 strokes, I didn’t lose a ball, or have to use a mulligan, meaning that the score is an honest 108. If you figure in my 35 handicap, that would be a 73 for tournament play. But I rarely use my handicap.

Needless to say, I’m quite pleased with the game. There is only one shot I would like back from all of them, a muffed second shot on the 18th. But my recovery shots looked really good which made up for it.