Roundup That Matters

Anti-Bullying is Really About Limiting Free Speech — Neil has an excellent piece on the anti-bullying movement, and how it is just another ploy for liberals to impose their warped view of control over free speech. Here is one of the key paragraphs:

In case there is anyone who still doesn’t grasp that antibullying is a euphemism for imposing liberal totalitarianism, Ontario’s Minister of Education Laurel Broten spells it out (please excuse the butchered English):

Texas A&M Aggies Move Up in the Polls — They may not last long in the polls, but right now the Texas Aggies are ranked at No. 18/20/20 in the BCS/AP/USA Polls. That truly is exciting, given it is their first year in the SEC. They were predicted to be doormats since they had a new coach, with a new offense and in a new conference. So far, they have managed to hold their own and are 5-1 in the season.

However, they are about to enter the really tough part of the season this coming Saturday when they face No. 6/6/6 LSU in College Station, TX. This will be their biggest test since opening the season against Florida.

After this Saturday, the Aggies go on the road to face Auburn, Mississippi State and then Alabama… all… on… the… road. Hopefully they can come out of that road trip with 2 wins.