BREAKING NEWS: Felix Baumgartner NOT First to Break Speed of Sound

BREAKING NEWS: We’ve found exclusive* video on Youtube showing that Felix Baumgartner was not the first man to jump out of a craft and break the speed of sound in his descent. This exclusive video shows that another man, who’s name has yet to be released to the public, beat Baumgartner in his death-defying jump.

Please, don’t watch this video if you don’t want the truth. It’s just too shocking how we can be so duped by the media and how biased they are. Baumgartner was only watched because he was sponsored by Red Bull! This poor man didn’t have such sponsorship… all he could get was the small toy company Lego to help him. So sad that he didn’t get any credit whatsoever.

OK, I hope you enjoyed that.

It was fun knowing that when Baumgartner made his historic leap into the history and record books, he was only about 25 miles away from where we were. We could see his balloon up in the stratosphere when we came out of church, although we could not see him since we didn’t have any binoculars or a telescope handy. We watched the jump on a cell phone and ran outside to watch when he made the jump. I thought I heard the sonic boom, but no one else did. Given my weak hearing, not sure that is what I heard.

Afterwards, Andy said “how come we didn’t hear the electronic boom?”

* (Realize that I use the word “exclusive” not in the sense that this video is actually exclusive, given that it is on Youtube. I use the word “exclusive” in the journalistic hype sense… which means it has no meaning whatsoever).