Andy at Kyle Field: Update

This is the second Saturday since Andy and I went to see the Texas A&M Aggies play in Kyle Field, so I’m a bit slow in writing about it all. After writing about the flight with my father, I haven’t had time to finish out our trip, with the story about going to the game. The game was the highlight of things we did, but not the highlight of the trip. The highlight of the trip was spending time with Pops and Nonna and watching Andy get a chance to know his grandfather.

Yet, the reason we were there was to go to the game. Andy hasn’t been to a Texas Aggies game since he was in the womb. I mean that literally. My wife and I went to an Aggies game when they were playing Clemson back in 2004, a few months before he was born. He did experience the game, only on a limited level. Every time the Aggies would score and the Corps of Cadets fired off their canon, Andy would kick inside the womb in celebration. So you can see it’s been a while since he has been to a game.

Coming out of the tunnel next to Kyle Field.

I think I was more excited in taking him to the game than he was in going because I’m not sure he knew what he was in for. He has been to football games, but nothing like a Division I college game, especially a Texas Aggies game.

I remember my Dad and Mom taking us to University of Houston Cougar games growing up and I really wanted to share the Aggies with Andy, and hopefully next year with Joey. It was something I did growing up with my folks and I hope that I can do the same with the boys over the coming years.

We left early in hopes of seeing the band march into the stadium, but traffic had something to say about that. Parking was also a problem. I couldn’t find a parking lot that was open to non-permit holders. I finally found one, but by then, we were too late to see the band march into the stadium. It turned out I was so far from the stadium, I should have left the car in Brenham and walked over.

Once we were in the stadium, I think Andy began to see what a massive place it was. He was loving the fact that we were really high up, that we had neat souvenir cup and that there were so many people. He was cut off guard when we sang the Aggie War Hymn. For those who don’t know, at one point during the song we lock arms with those around us and swing back and forth as we sing “saw varsity’s horns off!” He didn’t want to put his arm around the young woman next to him. He was too shy.

Our view from our seats.

I didn’t know that about my son. But he has a shy streak in him. When we were walking through the tunnel from the parking lot, we ran across one of the Texas Aggies Swimmers and I wanted him to take a picture with her, but he was too shy. I think it was Allyson Sweeny, but I’m not sure.

By the end of the game, he did warm up to the girls sitting next to us to the point that they were sharing food with him. I should have given him a few lessons about singing the Aggie War Hymn.

He also loved the firing of the canon. I knew he would and he got a lot of opportunity to hear it go off as the Aggies managed to score 70 points on South Carolina State. The offense was clicking and State was outmatched. We were hoping for a high-scoring game, since it was Andy’s first game.

I wanted to take him to see the Aggies play Arkansas,  but Pops and Nonna had to fly out of town last Friday so we would have missed them. Dad recommended the SC State game in order to make sure that Andy’s first game was a win. Little did we know that A&M would decimate the Razorbacks as well, 58-10. As a friend and I joked all week, Arkansas is so bad this year that the teams they have played are still scoring touchdowns on them. As he texted me this week: “Liverpool just scored on the Razorbacks.”

Andy With His 12th Man Towel

As for our game, when I asked Andy what he liked about the game, he said, “the whole entire part of it.” Since he has worn his Aggie ball cap at every opportunity, I think he likes the Aggies.

May favorite picture from the night, even though it’s out of focus.

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  1. Tell Andy that this very old lady whose fondest memory of her high school/college years is the football games at Kyle Field w/an Aggie date agrees w/him: that what I loved best about it was “the whole entire part of it”.


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