Bishop E.W. Jackson Points Out Inconsistency of Democratic Party for Christians

The Bishop E.W. Jackson speaks out against the Democratic Party, saying that it is antithetical to those of us who are Christians. I’ve been saying it for years, how can the party that cherishes killing the unborn have anything to do with the Light of the World? How can the party that recognize two men in an unholy relationship have anything to do with the ONE who said it was an abomination to Him? How can the party the cherishes every level of sinful and rebellious behavior have anything to do with the One who submitted Himself to the death of the cross out of humble obedience?

The Democratic Party and Christianity are incompatible with one another. Christians should leave the party and not vote for those who stand with them.

Here is the Bishop E.W. Jackson saying the same thing from his perspective as a black Christian. I truly am encouraged by his words. Even though he is speaking mainly to black Christians, he reminds us that we need to stand with God, not some political party or candidate. God is the One who will take care of us, not the fallen government. Speaking of which see the second video in which Dr. Barbara Beller points out just how ridiculous it is for us to think that Obamacare will take care anyone at all.


3 thoughts on “Bishop E.W. Jackson Points Out Inconsistency of Democratic Party for Christians

    • Hi Lucy, I actually tried to post that one, but kept getting the one above. It was good enough to use since the central message is the same. Thanks for commenting. I knew you would like the video. 🙂


  1. I love this video. I couldn’t believe my ears.

    I will pray for you as a pastor to have wisdom and strength. In the coming years I think we’re all going to need it, but I pray for an extra portion for you.


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