Roundup That Matters 5/28

Obama Stands For Islam — but then, are we surprised about this? He is anti-First Amendment in his stance. People slander Jesus Christ all the time and yet, you don’t see Christians rioting and killing people over it. Only the religion of peace does that.

Divorce Rate Among Devoted Christians Much Lower Than National Average — For years we have been hearing that the divorce rate among Christians was just as bad as that among non-Christians… at 50 percent. That stat is erroneous and misleading in nature as well. But there is a new study out showing that those who are devoted Christians actually have a lower divorce rate than those non-believers. Here the key poing:

People who seriously practice a traditional religious faith—whether Christian or other—have a divorce rate markedly lower than the general population.

What the study shows is that the more a couple is committed to their beliefs, the less likely they are to become divorced.

Gloria Jackson Show — I like the following video from the Gloria Jackson Show. She interviews Comedian Brad Stine about freedom of speech. The more I listened to it the more I like Brad Stine. Not only does he discuss the problem of Marxism and political correctness, but he goes on to talk about the true equality we have because of Christ and Christianity.

BTW, I actually started paying more attention to Gloria Jackson when I was listening to a debate between a Calvinist and Armenian recently and she was one of the people who asked a question during the Q&A.

Paganini Humor — Another video that I have found very humorous, and entertaining are those put out by PAgagNINI, a couple of violinist who put humor to playing music. The following is one of my favorites in which they cover U2’s With or Without You. It’s beautiful. (Hattip Andrew M.)

And there is this rendition of Pachelbel’s Canon in D