Texas Aggies Barn

For years I have driven by this barn on Highway 6 between Waco and Hearn, Texas. I have watched year after year as each incoming class of Aggies changed the class year, but this is the first that I actually stopped and took a picture. This barn is a landmark to all those driving south on Highway 6. It’s the local Aggies way of letting you know that you are no longer in Baylor Nation (which covers all of Mc Lennan County). You’ve entered into Aggieland the moment you see this barn. More than that, you are now in SEC Country, where real football is played and the only place that it’s played on a regular basis in the great state of Texas.

Having the barn painted this way is real genius on the part of the land owner. The old Ag never has to paint his own barn. He just calls us the Corps of Cadets and lets them know the barn needs a new coat of paint, and the newest class comes on up and does the job for him. I would say that he is taking advantage of the Corps. But I don’t think the land owner uses the barn. I’ve never seen any tractors or hay next to it. I think the sole purpose of that barn is to let people know they have entered Aggieland. That is the spirit of Aggieland for ya. Gig ‘Em Aggies.

I hope that some 10 years from now, when Andy is driving on his way to A&M from Roswell, he remembers our stop at the Aggies Barn. By then it will say something like ’24 Whoop! Who knows, maybe Andy will be part of the Corps of Cadets that puts the latest coat of paint on the barn.

Some of you may think I’m being a bit presumptuous about Andy attending A&M. I admit… I am. I think he would enjoy it. But only the LORD knows what college will be the best for him when the time comes. It is fun sharing some of these things with Andy, and hopefully with Joey next year.


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