Ha! I’m Not Middle Aged for Another 4 Years!!!

There was a report out on ABC News Radio that says middle age doesn’t start until one reached the age of 55! This means I haven’t reached middle age yet.

Therefore, to all of my congregants, namely Dave and Marie, who gave me such a hard time when I turned 40, back years ago, I respond: Ha! I am NOT middle aged! I won’t be for another 4 years!!! (Does this sound like I have issues?)

The good news for Dave and Marie: you are not old age yet! That will not happen for years, since neither of you are in your 70s yet. Of course, Dave, it will hit you much sooner than it will for the lovely Marie. But the good news yet is that you have yet to hit it according to the new study.


2 thoughts on “Ha! I’m Not Middle Aged for Another 4 Years!!!

  1. You do know the media is biased, right? Since the current average lifespan is 78 years (or so), it would stand to reason that middle age would be 39 … and you’re way over the hill (coming from a guy who is now qualified in some places to be a “senior citizen”).


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