Tom Cruise’s Carbonara

I got a real hunger for carbonara a few days ago and went searching on the internet for a good recipe. I came across the a recipe put out by Tom Cruise via the Oprah conglomerate It seemed liked a great recipe by reading it and one that I could put together without the aid of the real cook in the family. I was so excited to give it a shot.

I learned about carbonara when I was living in Italy back in the early 1980s. Carbonara to southern Italians is like chili to Texans, every family has their own recipe and every family believes theirs is the best. I got to try lots of recipes while I was there and really developed a love for it. However, it’s been years since I had any that I liked. Olive Garden offered it on their menu years ago, but it wasn’t anything like I remember from Italy.

This brings me to Cruise’s recipe. It looked like it might be right, so I tried it.

Nope! If you like fried onions and garlic on noodles then you will love this recipe. But that is not carbonara like I remember it or like the Italians cook it. Given that, I think Cruise’s recipe is like everything else he does, mediocre. I would give you the link to it, but alas, just don’t care to go looking for it again. It’s not worth it.

Now, if I can just get Nunzia or Antonella, my friends from Italy, could just send me a couple of stellar recipes!

Possible next recipe.


2 thoughts on “Tom Cruise’s Carbonara

  1. Let us hear from your Italian friends. We would all love to have it. Daily I look forward to your email. Love in Christ


    • Thanks Judy, good to hear from you. BTW, the table you see in the picture was given to us by Baba! 🙂
      The dishes were given to us by a woman in Aiken, and my mother gave me the wine glasses.


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