Joel Osteen Exposed

I haven’t done a post on Joel Osteen in a while. I do this so that you will not be deceived by Mr. Osteen. He is a false teacher and there is no way around that. He does not preach the gospel, and openly admits as much. He doesn’t even preach from the Bible. As John MacArthur points out on the video that Osteen is preaching paganism. There is nothing in Osteen’s messages about humility, repentance, piety, holiness, sacrificial living. His sermons are all focused on the “here and the now.” As he said, and I’ve said as well, that if THIS is your best life now, then you are in serious trouble.

The other great quote is from Paul Washer, see my previous post, when he points out that men like Joel Osteen are actually God’s judgment upon the people who listen to him. In other words, they are not the ones who are innocent in these matters. They are the ones that look for such men to follow, since they do not seek to follow the living and true savior.

Here, watch the video. It’s only 15 minutes long, which is really long in the world of the internet, but well worth it.


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  1. Way to go Timothy! To see exactly what Timothy is saying watch for yourself. Here are the TV listings for Osteen’s program: (Link removed by Pastor Timothy)


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