Jerry Johnson — A Skinny Jean Wearing Calvinist?

Several weeks ago, pastor Ed Young out of Dallas went on an anti-Calvinist rant for some odd reason, accusing them of … and I’m not making this up… of wearing skinny jeans. For those of you who know a Calvinist, you know we are hiding under our desks with this new charge! Yes, we’re guilty of wearing skinny jeans. However, I have not worn any skinny jeans since some time in the 1980s.

Of course, I’m jesting. There is nothing wrong with wearing skinny jeans as long as you are skinny. I am not, so I like to wear relaxed fit jeans. Not baggy, gang banger jeans, but jeans with some room in them so I don’t look quite so fat (apparently I am, a friend who turns 99 next November accused me of such while I was on vacation.)

The point is that Ed Young ripped into us Calvinist accusing us of all manner of things, like wearing skinny jeans, in order to tell his congregation of 24,000 that we are … nasty bad people and that he doesn’t like us very much. Poor Ed Young did an absolute terrible job of showing how we are bad, after all, the Scripture never says anything about wearing skinny jeans. BTW, for those of you who do not know, Ed Young is absolutely enamored with what pastors wear since he has started a fashion web site to help inform us that we need to dress more like him.

This tirade of Young’s was answered by those who are bona fide Calvinists and know what we actually believe. You can see Neil’s post here, and James White’s response here. You may remember I met James White back in April.

Young didn’t seem to really know what we believed. Give what his tirade was over, Young might be hard pressed to give one theological distinctive of Calvinism. James White shows that Young really doesn’t know…

BTW, this is one of the reasons I believe in denominationalism. If he were a member a true denomination, they could actually rebuke and deal with Young. But given the state of the non-confrontational churches, there is no real oversight or accountability for people like Young. One reason why he may have gone off the deep end.

In the video below, Jerry Johnson gives his take as well.


3 thoughts on “Jerry Johnson — A Skinny Jean Wearing Calvinist?

  1. You have to remember, that Ed is the theologian who put a king size bed on the top of his church a few months ago and he and his wife spent all day in it for a WEEK, because he somehow thought that this would illustrate to the world that sex in marriage is good. He’s also the guy who got in trouble with the IRS for his financial practices (private jet, etc.). I went to a funeral of a believer a few years ago at Ed’s church and the closest Ed came to communicating the gospel was “…Jesus infiltrated her life and you should let Jesus infiltrate your life.” Nothing about sin, substitutionary atonement, resurrection, death’s defeat, the hope of the believer, etc. If there is ever a time to clearly preach a gospel-centered message, it’s at the funeral of a believer. It was absolutely appalling. When Ed Young criticizes my theology, I consider it a badge of honor and the fact that it’s Ed Young criticizing my beliefs is the equivalent of having Jonathan Edwards praising them.


    • I agree. As far as I’m concerned, when someone rejects me because I’m Reformed or a Calvinist, I take it that they are rejecting me because of Christ, since the gospel is the center of both those words and understandings.

      You should listen to James White’s rebuttal if you get the chance. He shows how out of touch Young truly is… especially Young’s stinging criticism that Calvinism is “Hip and cool.” Just what I’ve always wanted to be… not. 🙂


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