Texas A&M WINS 1999 Alamo Bowl 0-24!!!

Yes, you read that correctly. Due to the sanctions by the NCAA on the Penn State football program in which all victories were erased due to the corruption, A&M has won the Alamo Bowl from that time span, specifically, the 1999 Alamo Bowl. The Aggies played Penn State in the Alamo Bowl and because of the sanctions, they won 0-24.

OK, let me try and explain that again… the game that took place back in 1999, was actually won by Penn State  24-0, but since they have all their victories removed by the NCAA in the Sandusky scandal, the Aggies are now the winners of that game. They won by the score of 0-24.

Hhm? Are you have as much trouble with this as I am? Somehow, the Aggies get the win even though we didn’t score a point.

As for the other sanctions, I guess they are OK. A 4-year-bowl ban, reduction in scholarships, and a $60 million fine will have to do. I’m grateful that all current Penn State football players are free to transfer to other programs. See the full report here.

BTW, this improves the overall bowl record for the Aggies to 16-17, just a tad under .500. Interesting to note, that Wikipedia changes the table when I went back to double check it.

Well, not sure what to say to this conudrum. So… Gig ‘Em Aggies!

UPDATE: Apparently all scores are changed to 2-0. So the Aggies won the game, 2-0. That helps. Thanks Eric M. for the help with that one.

2 thoughts on “Texas A&M WINS 1999 Alamo Bowl 0-24!!!

  1. I’m wondering what about those teams that could have won a bid to a post season bowl game but lost the chance because of a loss to Penn State. What if two teams would have gone to the same bowl but for losing to Penn State during the season?
    Are they going to get to go to those bowls now? How, exactly would that work? I don’t believe the NCAA needed to punish the entire football program for all those past years because some members of the coaching staff did unethical and unlawful things. All those who were knowingly involved have been punished already. Paterno is dead. It’s too late to punish him with these sanctions. He’s past caring.Why punish the innocent with the guilty?


    • That is what everyone says, but it’s the institution that needs to be punished. The students, in this case, have the freedom to leave Penn State and play football elsewhere. So the NCAA thought of them in this process. This is a rarity, but it’s fair… if the student doesn’t want to play there, they can leave without a loss of eligibility.


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