Do You Take the Bible Literally?

I don’t, and guess what? I’m still a Christian. I know many of my brothers from Dallas Theological Seminary are taught that if we do not take the Bible literally, then we are not true Christians. The problem is: what does “literal” actually mean? According to Charles Ryrie, it means the normal usage of the word in the text. The problem with this is: who gets to determine what “normal” means?

The True Church has always let Christ and the Apostles define the terms since that puts Christ and the text of Scripture at the center of defining terms as opposed to men being at the center of those definitions. What Ryrie, and the rest at DTS, fail to see, is that they have set themselves up as the final authority’s on what the Bible means. This is a man-centered hermeneutic instead of a Christ-centered hermeneutic. In other words, this type of Bible interpretation is Solo Scriptura instead of Sola Scriptura. It is man-centered instead of Word centered.

For more on this, watch the video below from Jerry Johnson and Against the World.


3 thoughts on “Do You Take the Bible Literally?

  1. If you believe in God, then you believe your rights come from God–not man, a king, or government–who are merely our public servants, not our public masters. Your rights are inherent, you’re born with them, and no man can take them away from you, unless by force, or by your consent. Furthermore, you have a moral obligation to treat each other as you would like to be treated. Its pretty simple, and not too complicated, well, for most people anyway.

    If you don’t believe in God, then perhaps you need to check in with some of the more popular organizations available today, or groups of men, who are no better or no different than you, such as the government–who are again, merely your public servants, and ask them what your rights are. But its usually pretty complicated, and not too simple, or more like, really complicated, nearly all the time.

    No matter what our individual differences may be, and they are many, mankind shares a single common bond, our desire to be free.

    Without freedom, you can’t do anything–except what you’re told to do.

    I Want My Country Back, the video


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